How to Brand your Restaurant?
How to Brand your Restaurant?


To survive in a competitive market where hundreds of restaurants open on a daily basis, you need to engineer your restaurant’s identity.

1)      Logo: A restaurant logo is the main part of restaurant design. The logo that you choose will be the one picture that will conjure in your customer’s mind when your restaurant’s name is taken. It is better to keep the logo simple.

2)      Colour palette:  The colour that you choose should be the one that appeals to the tastes of the customers. So it is important that the colour scheme chosen speaks to you and is alluring.

3)      Visual motivation: The visual aspects of your restaurant brand support the brand promise through the logo, colours, fonts and image styles. Food is a visual motivator in and of itself. When you take care to snap the best photos and present them in a fresh, crisp light, you can make mouths water.

4)      Human element and quality: Eating out or restaurant dining are distinct experiences; therefore your restaurant branding must involve lots of elements to attract the customer. It is important to make your customer feel that they’re eating the highest quality food prepared with care just for them.

5)      Target customer:  Your restaurant’s brand is presented in the way you interact with your customers to the way you present food.

6)      Decor: To make the impact of your brand stronger, you need to infuse the visual aspects applied to marketing materials – website, menu, take-out boxes, advertisements and business cards – into the interior decor and employee uniforms.

7)      Focus: Focusing on the things customers love most, like foods which have emerged as super specialities can add value to your brand.

Branding creates a personality and an identity for your restaurant. If people in your restaurant find your food to be good, the brand will make customers remember and recommend the restaurant.

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