How to Get a Supplier?
How to Get a Supplier?

Mr. Virender Kumar, Restaurant Manager, Chi Kitchen Restaurant & Bar, says “We have different suppliers for our products, we get sea food from Spice foods, and some of our stuff from Folk Puff, Jor Bagh. He added that to find a good supplier it is very important to do a marketing research before you go for a supplier and then once he is appointed you need to check and recheck and if he is not capable of his work then we withdraw our contract with him.”

Mr. Kumar further adds that the suppliers are appointed on an yearly contract. Talking about the difficulties, he mentioned, “The main problem that we get here in Delhi is transportation. During a rainy day due to narrow roads and the traffic, the supply is delayed.

On the other hand Mr. Chetan, Partner, RPC Foods, says “We supply food to the restaurant in a very designed and modified supply chain management process. The products are supplied to the distributor on a weekly or fortnightly basis and then the distributor distributes those products to the restaurant. On talking about how restaurants know about the suppliers, he said that it is through marketing or word of mouth. RPC foods are the supplier of imported food products from all over the world.  Some of its clients in restaurant industry are Hyatt Regency, ITC Hotels, Taj Group of Hotels, Olive bar & kitchen, Ruby’s Bar & Grill and many more five star restaurants and chains all over India.

So what all are the points to be kept in mind before you approach a supplier? Read on to report by Dummies, here are a few tips to find a good supplier for your restaurant:

Make a list: Before finding a supplier for your restaurant make a list of supplies that you will need for your restaurant including the equipment, dinnerware and furnishing. Once you have your wish list and budget in hand, the next step is looking for supply sources. The best place to begin is your industry association.

Speak with fellow food truck and restaurant owners in your area: These professionals have been in the business long enough to have found the most proficient suppliers in your area and can make recommendations that are based on the experiences they’ve had and learned from.

Search online for local food and restaurant suppliers: Almost every type of product you require can be found on the Internet. You can take advantage of online business directories that list suppliers or even search for suppliers based on the type of supplies you’re looking for.

Attend restaurant industry trade shows: At these trade shows, you can obtain information about various restaurant suppliers’ products and services. You have access to supplier literature and may be able to talk to restaurant supplier representatives.

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