How to Get Back your Customers
How to Get Back your Customers

Food services is emerging as a key contributor to the Indian economy by means of tax generation, employment generation, skill development, growth in allied industries and tourism and entrepreneurship. Food service industry is expanding aggressively and becoming a key sector of the economy. The size of total market (organized and unorganized) is INR 3,09,110 crore and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10 per cent to reach INR 4,98,130 crore by 2021.

Our ever growing food industry has become a new trend. New innovations are emerging day by day. Today, serving food is not everything; restaurateurs need to do an extra effort to attract consumers. Satiating the palates are just a part, consumers look for even more now. Restaurant business is all about hospitality, good service is what consumer need and lack in service led to lose consumers. One has to be very careful what they are serving because hospitality industry is all about service in the end. But there are sometimes when restaurant gets monotonous. Here are some tactics to break the monotony and attract customers again at your place.

Customer is the Boss

Make customer the boss, put him in control. Always remember that customer has options and if he chose to visit your restaurant than there must be something special about your place. According to a study, 85 per cent restaurants keep their menu according to the customer’s preference. It is an effective value to gain customer’s reliance. Also word of mouth will end up promoting the brand.

Convenience & Discounts

In 21st century, everyone wants things in hand; customers are spoiled for convenience so give them convenience. Quick and convenient ordering and payment could work wonders in smoothening the path to your restaurant for customers. Nobody wants to wait, make them have their order as early as possible and let them enjoy an incredible service experience. India is a price sensitive country and people enjoy discounts here. Offer those schemes and discounts. Make them feel that you actually care about your customers and they are imperative asset of yours.

Review Potential Partnership

Getting your brand linked with a well known brand could work like a magic. One can even increase their business by connecting to a brand as they can grow via franchisee. “Today if one is looking for a franchisee relationship with franchisor then one must know his deliverables or what part of business is he going to take care of. It is important to meet commitment levels in this kind of model”, says Nitin Kohli, Sr. General Manager at Ambuja Neotia Hospitality. Also a franchisor has to have belief in the person he is partnering with for one to be able to make a profitable model. It should be a partnership in true sense and not one way partnership.

Engage with social networking

Connect with the customer. If you have not heard of Face Book, MySpace or Twitter that are behind the social networking phenomena, you must not waste anymore time, go straight to these sites and understand how these sites that are capturing millions of people who are actively engaging on these sites every day. These sites work because social networking communities need to share and want to know what their circle of friends and relatives are up to. Find out how you can leverage the engagement and sharing of your content using these social networks.

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