How to have a stress free day at home in the time of Covid-19
How to have a stress free day at home in the time of Covid-19

After the outbreak of COVID-19 and its spread in India, most people are staying at home as a precautionary measure. The virus spreads through droplets so crowded places are potentially dangerous. Thus, people working from home maybe weeks, a month, perhaps even longer, and can naturally occur stress and anxiety among any individual.


Coffee is considered to be the best drink to reduce stress and has stimulating qualities. It is one of those drinks that a lot of people can’t do without. A good portion of the public starts their day with coffee and even it acts as a wake-up alarm too for most of us. But to have a perfect cup of Coffee you have to step out and going outside nowadays is to be avoided. Have you ever thought of making your coffee or how about a coffee that is on-the-go and easy to carry? 


However, customers are still skeptical; since the virus spreads through coughing and sneezing, one may think twice to step outside for a Coffee date or shopping Nevertheless, Beanly Coffee launched with an innovative technique to brew a cup of coffee from freshly coffee grounds. Being Eco-Conscious, this Coffee has been seeking out coffee beans that have been sustainably grown and hermetically sealed to keep the freshness permanent starting from the sourcing of the bean to the finely ground coffee for consumption Only they know how to make a finely flavored coffee by using the latest, easy and most convenient method. They have taken coffee to another level by introducing never seen before single-serve pour and dip coffee which is the latest trend among coffee connoisseurs.


Making a cup of coffee where ever and anywhere you want is every Coffee lover dream. Beanly’s Pour-Over Method for brewing coffee has remained one of the oldest and most trusted ways to brew a quality cup. The coffee brand has introduced an innovative new method to drink coffee with single serve pour producing a consistently great coffee every time because there is more control over the heat and the timing of the water poured over the grounds - which means more flavor and less bitterness. You don’t need to grind or use any electricity nor do they need any hefty maintenance or cleaning costs.


Revolutionizing Dip coffee which involves running hot water through coffee grounds that are held in a filtering device. Processing and adding the right amount of coffee beans in a coffee bag is tough but important. Beanly uses the highest quality beans that give the best flavour you have ever tasted. The coffee dips usually made up of water and essential coffee oil extracts, are then collected inside a coffee collecting basin. This dipping coffee has no side effects and is non- toxic for the body and has everything perfect. Originating from Hasan, Baba Budangiri, Chikmagalur, and Coorg, all these make a perfect coffee to taste. 


In conclusion, in these times of distress, it is more convenient for people to make a homemade food or homemade drinks. Beanly has risen to the occasion to make daily life more comfortable for the consumers. We aim to keep our Coffee stable, convenient and easy to use. Made with love and packed with care! In this difficult time, BEANLY COFFEE assures the highest level of service, quality, safety, and commitment. 

Inputs From: Rahul Jain and Samayesh Khanna, Founder, Beanly Coffee


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