How to market your brand right
How to market your brand right

Give Impeccable Service Inexorably: Customer service goes hand in hand; it is an important factor in hospitality sector. To win one’s heart, you must behave very well with them. And the most important way to market the brand is to give impeccable service inexorably. Good service and delectable F&B always create a long-lasting impression on guest’s mind and that impression goes out as word of mouth marketing. Many restaurants out there are identified only because of their super service set up.

Up-sell Through Packaging: Everyone is looking for a deal - especially a great all - inclusive deal. Consider using value added packages to convert lookers to bookers. Give them offers and discount deals. Using the best creative packaging could yield maximum results. Also, it would lead your customer to perceive more value and you would end up reaping the benefit of sales. To develop different package offers think of the problems that your customers often experience and the potential solutions that you offer to help solve the problem. Then think of something else you may be able to add with the package that costs you little but adds great value.

Customer Relationship: Repeat customers feel good when the hotel remembers their food preference, customised room, transport and house-keeping time selection. It makes them feel the real meaning of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. In the hospitality industry nothing is more important than our guests. Knowing how to communicate in case of crisis and being a quick solver are the keys to having them come back. Managing customer relations is the key factor as an organization’s goal can be achieved automatically if customers’ needs are satiated. Building good relationship with customers enhance service experience for which they’ve walked in to your restaurant. As understanding customer is directly proportional to increased profitability and new customer and contracts.

No to Clichés and Empty Promises: It’s important to attract guests we need to promote through aspiration and evocative language on social media, digital platform and online portals. However, hotels need to be careful that we are using catchy words and empty promises as it may set up unrealistic expectations in the minds of your prospects and end up ruining your reputation. Lies and broken promises in hospitality business is a real risk which could hamper the business for ever.

Employer-Employee relations play a great role: When an organization brings a new employee, they’re not only introducing a new member to the organization but also building a new relationship. The credit of my successful organisation is a strong employment relation which created a pleasant atmosphere within the work environment. Not only the employer but also employee plays an important part in any organization. Employee is a person who could take organization to heights or even make it fall on to the ground. It is a two-way street; both the parties should work generously to achieve the results.

Sky is the only limit if one keeps key points in mind.

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