How Top Restaurants are Keeping Design Minimal
How Top Restaurants are Keeping Design Minimal

Design has played an important role in building a restaurant brand. It is very important for a restaurant to have a certain guideline and framework in mind before giving a shape to the restaurant. Your design directly impact your customer. Hence, you should use brilliant, catchy, eye pleasing colour to feed your customer right from their eyes. Someone has truly said that a customer eats with its eye first and then its hand. Thus, design has to suit your theme, concept.

“We believe that a restaurant should look simple yet elegant so that our patrons should get a feel of having an authentic experience. For Bayroute, we have created a space through our designs and brought out the essence and vibrancy of the Middle Eastern countries,” shared Arjun Raj Kher, Brand Head, Bayroute that has got the design aesthetic straight out of Marrakech and their design team has chosen the material palette which is quintessentially Moroccan but with a modern contemporary touch.

However, their famous restobar Hitchki that has created a unique space in the Mumbai’s nightlife is very modern and chic, resplendent with wooden furniture, marbled tiles and a jukebox in the corner for your enjoyment. Its quirky decor and vivid wall art promise to transport diners back to the past.

Also, designers are focusing much more on use of antiques, colour bursts of gold, brown, blue, statement mirrors, luxurious textures of wood, veneer, leather, symmetry through use of geometric pattern highlighting the year’s design trends. Also, emphasis on detailing will be contemporary-styled merged with structures of the bygone era. Take the case of Victorian chair for instance with its vastness of design the intricate carvings but with a firm minimalistic paneling exhibiting the blend of a vintage-cum-contemporary style.

“The concept was to showcase the inherent traditional appeal with a touch of Victorian era where the ambience could elucidate its charm of bygone days. The vintage theme, as was required to be portrayed, was imparted via the muted shades and antique assets, sprinkled around the entire décor or setup,” shared Abhigyan Neogi who has re-designed the famous Kwality Restaurant in Delhi’s Connaught Place.

Designers are also pointing that the ideology that aided in creation of such a unique design was to explicitly preserve the historical vibe of the arena and yet allow customers to delve into in-genuine ideas of design.

Showcasing opulence with embellished interiors combined with the contemporary modern overtones ca shift happening in the customers’ mindset leading to a huge comeback of the classic revival style with its extravagance and a twist to its color palette. “When it comes to designing of the restaurants it mainly depends upon the concept of the restaurant whether it is a fine dining, concept dining or cafe and club concept,” said Manpreet Singh, Owner, Pinch of Spice.

Thus, we can say that design plays an important part in the restaurant business. By keeping it minimal you can also add-on certain pointers to the business as design connects customers with Restaurant and the brand.

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