Hyderabad-based Shake Studio to Open 50-60 Outlets Pan India
Hyderabad-based Shake Studio to Open 50-60 Outlets Pan India

How did you enter into the food business?

My first venture is a South Indian kitchen in Hyderabad which I have been running for almost a year and a half. The restaurant was doing really well until I started facing problems related to man power. Because of this issue, I had to close the restaurant for some time as I wasn’t able to come to any solution. Handling a venture single handedly is a tough thing. One fine day I was thinking of starting a new business but because of my fondness for this industry, I wanted to do something in this field itself.  That’s when the idea of starting something as Shake Studio struck me.

What was the idea behind naming your brand as Shake Studio?

We looked out for many names before finalizing on Shake Studio. I was clear with the idea that I would be providing various kinds of shakes to our customers. I wanted to create a place where people can come and enjoy different kind of shakes every time. That is how the word studio struck my mind. Just like a studio, we are trying to modify and enhance the product applying our creativity. Thus, the name Shake Studio.

What is the average footfall at the cafe?

Currently, we are selling approximately 100 shakes a day which is gradually increasing every week. People love the various flavors of shakes which are helping us to create brands image more and more. With their expectation in mind we are trying to serve them the best.

How is the customer response?

People are welcoming us with open hearts. Initially, we were only able to make a business of 30 shakes a day, which gradually increased with time.  We are receiving great feedbacks and reviews which is boosting our morale and helping us in enhancing our services.

What is the uniqueness of Shake Studio?

The raw materials are procured from Europe and are being used in creating shakes at our venue. We wanted our raw materials to be the best. All our raw materials are natural ingredients with no artificial colors and flavors. You will find 80-90 per cent of the fruit pulp present in our raw materials. Many of the shakes that we serve are very unique and can’t be found anywhere in India. We have introduced a hangover shake which is a blend of whiskey and is loved by many customers.

What is your brand’s USP?

We make our own ice cream at Shake Studio. The ice cream product from outside market is loaded with sugar which ultimately contributes to the calorie intake. We make sure that the sugar level is completely low and also tastes delicious.

Any expansion plans?

We are looking forward to come up with 50-60 more outlets in the next two years. We want to make this brand a huge success before moving pan India.

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