Indians consume 0.2 mm per person of wine: Pause Wine
Indians consume 0.2 mm per person of wine: Pause Wine

What are the qualities of wine that you serve at Pause wine?
We are manufacturer of world class wine. We own vineyards and import wine from France. We are growing it under very strict supervision to produce the best quality wine and thus, the quality of wine that we serve is of global standards.
I think India is not a wine ready market. What is your view on the same?
I think the people in our country are not much addicted to the regular wine, it is only some class or group that prefers it. Talking about consumption, wine Indians consume 0.2 mm per person of wine though country like France has a consumption of 3-5 litres per person. So, there is a vast difference in consumption ratio. However, the middleclass, especially the upper middle category is gradually adopting the western culture and hence, wine is included in their routine which leads to increase in its consumption in India.
What are your plans to export wine to other countries?
We started manufacturing world class wine five years ago in 2009. Presently, we are supplying wine to Bhutan. However, in the near future, we have plans to enter US and Chinese markets, probably by April 2015, where wine consumption is very high.
How do you compete with global brands in the wine segment?
We serve one of the best quality wines and that makes us different from others. But talking about capitals, we are far behind them because they are there in the industry for over a decade.
What is the reason behind launching sweet wine 'Indian Nectar' in the market?
Indians are very much addicted to sweet tastes and they do not like hardness of wine. So as to give them a taste of their own wine, we launched Indian Nectar with sweetness. Though, foreigners like dry wine which contains very less sugar and Indian Nectar is a dessert wine where we do not add sugar but ripe the wine to make it sweeten its taste.
Who is your target customer?
Our target customer is the growing middle class people who love to taste different types of wine and the wine lovers in the country as a whole.

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