Is Beverages A New Trend in Catering
Is Beverages A New Trend in Catering

Food and beverages are the companion. Beverages is an integral part whenever we talk about good food. And, this can’t be left out when we discuss the catering business. They are as important as food in catering. Gone are the days when there were just few things known to the people but today there is a massive variety of drinks available. Customisation is the need of the hour in beverages trend. For example, we have had situation where we had to get beverage design for the bride and the groom. There is a lot of curation needed in the beverage menu in this industry,” says Sanjay Vazirani, CEO and Managing Director at Foodlink Services. The consumption patterns have changed and alcoholic beverage is very community specific. “Each community has a different taste and caterers need to fit in accordingly. Also, fusion juices are making quite a demand these days but they are hit only if one is sourcing the ingredients from right place,” adds Vazirani.

Creating Drama Around Food

Dramatics is really important these days to bring that fun on the table. Something has to come out of the box each time. “I have had clients asking me to do something different every time because they don’t want replicas’. Innovation is a mandate and one has to churn out with new ideas every day,” shares Chef Puneet Sikand, Director and Proprietor of JPS Catering Pvt Ltd.

Menus have become quite larger and fillers have been reduced as compared to the previous year on the name of reconstruction. “We have witnessed a slight change that people used to like specific menu as fillers which were actually never touched but they were always there to increase the number of items. This practice has reduced and is such a relief for caterers. If we talk about trends then pop up restaurants or we can also call them lifestyle stations are major hit,” adds Sikand.

“Butter chicken is all time favorite for non vegetarians and Indian food goes really well with any event or celebration. So, they are the mandate to serve in every catering. In any wedding, ninety per cent of the menu consist Indian and pan Asian food,” avers Pranay Bahl, Partner at The Embassy Restaurant and Catering.

Maintaining Upper Hand in Catering

Food and beverages industry is growing aggressively and is competitive at the same time. “Menus are getting niche and people want global brands to come on the floor and bring innovations. Missing even a one step could make you lag behind. One should be really active to stay in the market,” adds Vazirani.

More than the technology, the automation has changed. “From the past few years, we have witnessed a transformation in the way restaurants use technology and there is lot more to come. And, definitely technology does help a lot in saving time, labor and extra efforts because it is really different and easy to cook in a modern oven as compared to a traditional ‘chulha’,” adds Sikand.

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