Is Cafe cum Boutique A New Trend In F&B Industry
Is Cafe cum Boutique A New Trend In F&B Industry

Vedant was always sure about his passion for doing something in the food industry. Since childhood, he had the wild expansion plans towards his imaginary venture he would own one day. He  turned his dream  into reality on 5th December 2015 when he came up with the Threads café. Excerpts from the interview:

How did the idea of establishing your own venture come to you?
Setting up my own venture has been in my mind since I was a child in junior school. I had these wild expansion plans already set up in my head without any knowledge of the surroundings but the confidence in myself to achieve it. I have always truly believed in what I am made for.

What’s the idea behind naming it as Threads?
Threads, is a very comforting name for me as it can be related to anyone with anything at any level. The basic use of a thread is to weave, to connect two or more points. It is an attempt at weaving different flavors, different origins, different emotions and different ideas together at a place where everyone feels at peace.

What are the design elements that popped up in your mind while setting up your venture?
Designing is one of the basics to attract an outsider and make them feel warm and welcomed. The interior of the café remains true to its concept of providing a “FILLING” shopping experience. The link between food and fashion that threads envision to offer can be seen directly in the interior and the names of a few dishes.
When it came to designing of interiors, I wasn’t alone at it. My mother had a huge part to play in the designing of the café cum boutique, which is still appreciated by every person who walks in. We wanted people to relate to the place, giving it an earthy &a colorful feel. The designing of the furniture & décor was such that it spoke of the boutique with sewing machines as tables, embroidery rings as lights and the extra cut out of fabrics from the clothes ordered by customers as upholstery.

The menu looks as if it has a variety of things to offer. Tell us something about it.
The whacky dishes in my menu would be:-

  1. Apple Chilli mojito – Perfect blend of apple with mint and green chilies which would excite you till you heat up!
  2. Cortado – (My personal favorite) If you are running low on time and energy, this will kick start you with the perfect amount of espresso and milk, LIT UP!
  3. Nutella Wonder – It’s not the normal Nutella We take you to the Nutella Wonder World. GET SET GO!
  4. Crushed Mericano – Something Strong? Something Cold? Something definitely coffee with less milk? YEH!
  5. Exotic Spinach Salad- Its Spinach, it’s very healthy, it’s very very healthy and delicious!
  6. Chilli Blast Pizza – This will definitely give you the chili punch you are looking for.
  7. Chicken Burger- Finally you’ll feel some chicken between the buns!
  8. Lemon Pepper Fries – Get tangy with the fries
  9. Classic Grilled Sandwich – It's really tasty!

Where do you see your venture in the next few years to come and what can be expected more from you?

Threads is going to be the chain you wouldn’t want to leave ever. I plan to increase the reach of threads to every place possible so everyone can enjoy, good, delicious & healthy food which is presented well and fits your pocket.
My belief is that the first three senses should be delighted in the correct order to hit the right note. Firstly the food should be a delight to your eyes so you can start imagining about how the aroma would be. Secondly, the food should be aromatic so your mouth starts to water and in the end, it should taste right fulfilling your imagination and hitting the spot right on.
When you create food, you have to completely deeply dive into it, with even a little change of its surrounding and time, the flavor of each ingredient changes with respect to other ingredients.

What are the various kinds of challenges you face while being in this industry?
The major challenges would be; being consistent with the taste and quality with the changing time and taste buds, managing the staff and keeping them happy, understanding different customer needs and making sure every customer gets the value out of the time and money they spend on us, penetrating the market, competing with the big players with huge marketing budgets and educating customers about their food.

What is the uniqueness of Threads?

Threads is a place where no one can get bored, you can shop, you can eat, you can relax, and you can enjoy your own sweet time with that beautiful cup of coffee.

What are your expansion plans?

Currently, I am working on a new model for expanding Threads and also on a finer taste and service for another project which will be unrevealed with time.
I am also looking at outside investments… so, if anyone is interested, drop in at Threads and I would be happy to brainstorm with them over a cup of our brilliant coffee!

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