Is Healthy Food The Next Big Thing
Is Healthy Food The Next Big Thing

The saying 'New year, new food' certainly proves to be right. Healthy food is one trend which is on the rise this year. People have started demanding for healthy food packed with nutrition. Healthy food is certainly a roadmap towards future wellness and personal growth.

Eating healthy has become a new style statement for many people. Even many restaurants are coming up offering varieties of food products filled with healthy ingredients. Restaurateurs are now well aware and running with the trend happening around them. "Initially people were not so aware about consuming healthy food. But the things have changed since the past one year or so. We can see restaurants and people coming up with the desire towards catering and consuming healthy," shares Aaditya Pancharya, owner, TGIH.

2018 seems to be the year which is going to prove a healthy year for both the restaurateurs as well as the customers. Lots of health-conscious food trends are already prevailing in the market which is being loved by many people. People now want their food to be healthy along being tasty at the same time. The mentality has certainly changed where they are ready to pay a bit more for getting delicious yummy food.

Some health food trends

Plant-based dishes

Indian vegetarians and health freaks have certainly welcomed this trend enjoying the pleasure from the food they are getting. Zoodles and Zucchini pastas are here in the market and are doing really well catering to health-conscious people. 2018 is expected to welcome more plant-based dishes to satisfy the health-conscious customers.


Mushroom has always been an important healthy ingredient. The world has certainly accepted this fact as the use of mushrooms in local food has certainly increased. From providing immunity to many other benefits, mushrooms are versatile as they are packed with nutrition.

Poke bowl    

Japanese cuisine has certainly found its market in the Indian food industry. Poke bowl is one product coming from the Japanese concept which is extremely balanced in terms of nutrition and taste. They are already here in India and it is expected to see them in various menus of restaurants.

Regional cuisines

Many renowned chefs travel across the country trying and experimenting to put forth something new from the regional ingredients. Our regional cuisines have always been considered as very healthy and now the chefs are using them in order to produce healthy cuisines.

There are various ventures which are coming up with just providing healthy cuisines. Having a large menu, these places are becoming heaven for health freaks of the country. The entire idea is to provide people with cuisines which are healthy as well as tasty at the same time. The number of both the restaurant and customer is expected to rise by 22% in the year 2018.

"What you eat today is going to shape you tomorrow," shares Kunal Kotecha, Owner of Nutty world. He further says, the future will depend on how young generations are eating today. I believe that healthy today is a healthy tomorrow and people should start shifting towards healthy cuisines if they haven’t done till yet.”

With so many new healthy trends and foods coming up now and then in the market, Indian food industry is expected to get more hygienic and healthy in the upcoming time. Restaurants have started adding many items going with the concept so that they can meet up to customer's expectation.    

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