Is Quality Pertinent for a Restaurant?
Is Quality Pertinent for a Restaurant?

While talking about the quality in a restaurant, the first thing in a Restaurateur’s mind should be food quality, authentic service, hygiene and, last but not the least, pricing.

  • Food quality:The quality of a meal is an important aspect that affects customer satisfaction in a restaurant. According to a research, older customers are generally more concerned with food quality than other age groups. The scrumptiousness of the food and its presentation also contribute to the overall quality of the meal.
  • Suitable pricing:Price is a key element in giving your restaurant a 10-on-10 from the customer’s side. If the food is mouth-watering but expensive, customer dissatisfaction rises. On the other hand if the food is relatively cheap, but of high quality, satisfaction levels increase.
  • Excellent service: People generally expect better service and good food when they visit a restaurant. “Quality plays a major role in a restaurant’s growth”, says Mr. Darshan R, Managing Partner, Hungry Hoggs, Bangalore. He further adds, “It is the quality which helps you in gaining customers during the initial start-up phase of the restaurant. Meeting challenges, operations and performance – all these also come under quality that a restaurant extends towards its customers.”
  • Hygienic nourishment: Encourage health and hygiene in your restaurant among staff becauseevery customer wants to dine in a restaurant that has passed health and sanitation standards.
  • Quickness of service: According to a study, most of the youths prefer Quick Service Restaurants or Fast Casual these days because of the quickness of service they provide to their customers. So, if a restaurant does not rise above cheaper alternatives, customers will become less satisfied with their purchases and experiences.
  • Staff positivity:The service of a restaurant is also calculated on how positively customers feel about each member of the restaurant staff they interact with. Some customers may be more concerned with the social interactions with the wait staff, while other customers are more focused on how quickly dishes are removed and glasses are refilled. The relative importance of these different factors often depends on the style of restaurant and the outlook of a particular customer.
  • Customer satisfaction:The quality of service also contributes to the overall satisfaction of customer when they visit a restaurant. People judge full-service restaurants on the quality of service they provide because they are typically more expensive and slower than quick-service restaurants.Mr. Suchit Garg, Executive Chef, Spice It, Ibis Gurgaon, says, “Service is another important factor; if the food is good but service is not right, it’s not going to sell the food. So, service is very important aspect when talking about the quality in food and beverages industry.”
  • Food presentation:Food not only has to taste good but also has to look good. It should be appealing to your tongue as well as your eye.

Mr. Garg sums up,“Providing ‘quality’ products at reasonable ‘prices’, giving equal emphasis to the ‘taste’ and ‘presentation and hygiene’ are some of the main factors which will add value to your restaurant.”

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