Is supermenu an essential appendage to the healthy food choices?
Is supermenu an essential appendage to the healthy food choices?

Over the years CCD has grown as one of the preferred hangout joints  for youth.. With approximately 1500 outlets in India, the cafe chain has recently raised its IPO. 

As CCD has brought a menu revamping after ages what is your expectation from it?

We started this process of restructuring our food and beverages in 2011. And, as we have grown in almost 235 cities in India, it is very difficult for us to serve our  customer in the same way. We have done a lot of restructuring at the backend to make sure we are consistent. We need to have a process control to make sure it happens. Being one of the leading F&B retail in the market we need to be very consistent about whatever we do. Hence, it did take us lot of time to bring out  the powerful menu.

Do you think it’s an innovational step, looking at company’s growth?

This is one of the biggest initiatives we have taken  so far.. If you look at the list of items included,  it was not easy for us to ensure the standard operating process at the backend.

How much research went into  launching this menu?

We do lots of consumer research on a regular basis with focus on youth. We focus on their inspirations and needs. We are also doing meetings in tier II cities  to understand what people  look for while  eating out.

What were  the two major picks  in the menu that came from the customers’?

Two  major things that were observed  as a  result were a) Youth  demanded  something international, trendy with bright colours  and b) Something  which meet their taste.

What changes did you observe  depending on the regions?

Cities like Hyderabad and Chennai are not much transformed but the IT Hubs in such places are also changing. Every time we go for a research we find something different. When we were launching smokey chicken, the result was not good, consumer didn’t like it. That means Indian consumer don’t like the smokey products as  they said it’s too strong. They want their meal  to be more flavourful and  simple.

Is the supermenu a new additionto the healthy food choice?

I will say it is a mix. I have a belief  that when we go out we want to indulge. I think we as people have to balance ourselves, but as a brand one has  to give some offerings which are  healthy- no preservative, no cream, which reduces  sugar level. We may launch salad next summer.

What  percentage of cities is covered under the newly launched menu?

We have covered almost 80 per cent of all  cities.

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