Is Technology Re-shaping The Food Industry
Is Technology Re-shaping The Food Industry

Technology in terms for restaurant outlets refers to have an updated, easy to understand website, through which the customers can browse through gaining the essential knowledge they are looking for. Social networking sites too play an important role where restaurants usually have their own official page informing people about what’s happening at their venture.  

There was a time when people used to engage with the restaurant once they are in the outlet. But things are no more the same. With the advancement in technology, they gather all kinds of information from the internet before visiting a particular restaurant. They have all kind of knowledge before they make a visit to a particular venue, from the location to the cuisines served.

Food & Beverages  industry consider technology as one primary key tool for attaining future growth. Technology is reshaping the way restaurateurs used to think before. Therefore, adapting to the situation, the market is also coping up with the customer’s expectation for maintaining their brand value and image, boosting their sales. The main motive which remains in the mind of the owners of a brand is to stand upon the expectation of the customers. Meeting and satisfying their needs and expectations is the only way of achieving stability and success in this fast moving industry. Customers are exposed to many other options other than your venture for fulfilling their hunger. The various marketing strategies and offers provided by many outlets bring out the curiosity in them for trying their food.

For maintaining the customer’s loyalty, restaurants have started providing them with incentives and offers which can offer them something new every time they think of eating. In the time where people prefer to order food online, one should be quick and innovative in delivering the food to the customers followed by some handsome offers and discounts. Harsh, owner, Green house- The Beer Garden says, “Food and drinks can be found everywhere as there are number of options available with people these days. Discounts and offers are something which can eventually end them stepping at your door.”  

Restaurants have started to have a digital menu board which has surely grabbed the eye balls of the customers. Various outlets have started to provide free wifi and other facilities which can keep the interest of the customer base intact. Options of ordering food online and easy payment methods like Paytm and Mobikwik has certainly made things easy and tech- friendly for them. Restaurateurs have also started to care about the customers who are not dining out at their ventures. Whenever they prefer to order food online, they are trying to maintain the relationship with them in every possible way. Providing them with discounts to delivering them the food on time, everything is recorded digitally so that the customers know what’s happening with their food. Live feedback from the customers is something they have introduced which gives the customer a sense of feeling that their opinion matters.

Even after the food is delivered to the customers, restaurants are now trying to stay in touch with them asking them about their experience, sharing the upcoming offers which can interest them. It’s like the business doesn’t end even after the food is dispatched and received by the customers. This is one of the prime things which eventually help in building client loyalty towards their brands as they are still concerned and connected with them and are honored to serve for them again. The technologies which have occurred with time are providing a lot of options for the customers to interact with the restaurants. Technology gives a lot of opportunities to build and maintain the relationship with the customers enhancing the loyalty and opportunity towards increasing the sales.

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