Is Traditional Indian Food Overshadowing Molecular Gastronomy
Is Traditional Indian Food Overshadowing Molecular Gastronomy

Molecular Gastronomy is an advanced culinary science which uses certain amount of gases in cooking and preparing food and drinks. It is also about cooking food at different temperatures and viscosities. Molecular food technique is completely different from fusion food which many people often consider as same. After the much hype over molecular gastronomy, which Europe had done with quite some time back, Delhi's restaurateurs seem to be going back to the classics.There’s lot of fun comes up while making any molecular dish as it gets a hold of your attention as it’s something different and that’s why it has gained popularity in India. But it comes with various side effects too.

Molecular Gastronomy is considered to be little unhealthy for a person’s health as it involves usage of gases at certain level to make a unique dish. In year 2017, this type of food trend will exit and make way for traditional Indian Cuisine. The use of chemical agents to result in changing the texture, colour and presentation of food is in trend from ages now but due to some serious health cases recently been witnessed while having this, it will exit from the market.

A lot of restaurants have been doing this, personally I never favored this technique as Indian flavours are very delicate and yet complex. Mixing it with sodium, alginate will definitely hamper the overall taste of the drink or delicacy. However, molecular gastronomy as a chemical is absolutely safe. It’s been tried and tasted too. But right training, talent and usage is very important otherwise it will adverse on health. Be it liquid nitrogen, agar agar or xantham gum all are safe for human consumption but if taken in excessive amount it will have a bad effect on your health.

Molecular gastronomy came with a big bang in the last 5 years but is now fading out as people these days are moving back to dining concepts where food and its taste is primafacie. The epicentre of dining today for guests is its ultimate taste for which they could crave and return back. Simple white and black plate with natural garnishing, has taken the main stage today. Molecular Chaat is a one-time experience but now people prefer eating authentic chaat to get that real flavour. Likewise, spheres filled with various liquids ranging from Mojitos to Lassi could not excite diners to an extent that they forget their usual drinks.

Year 2017 will see a drastic change in F&B industry by shifting the focus to traditional Indian cuisine and gastronomy. 

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