Is Wellness and healthy well being pushing Superfoods growth
Is Wellness and healthy well being pushing Superfoods growth

Just like superman is for the awesomeness of a man; super food is for, well, food! Both signify the same thing in relation to two entirely different gears. Super foods do not fly or save you from villains but they do claim to save you from your own body processes. These foods are mostly plant based but can also include some fish and dairy and are thought to be nutritionally dense and thus good for one's health. Super foods are said to be nutrient powerhouses that pack large doses of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Eating them may reduce the risk of chronic disease, and prolong life, and people who eat more of them can be healthier and thinner than those who don't.

It has been found out by various researches conducted that the anti-oxidants destroy the radicals released by our cells which damage the cells and cause ageing. It is being said that eating some foods can slow down the ageing process, lift depression, boost our physical ability, and even our intelligence.

What’s in?

Indian restaurants seem to be catching up on the trend as well. “Super foods and healthy diets are the new food trends. Quinoa, an ingredient originally from Peru, is made of complete protein and is coming as a substitute for rice and other forms of starch because of its health and taste factor. Kale has sturdy leaves and is extremely nutritious. These can only be bought from online stores though.
Indian Superfoods mainly including Amla (Indian gooseberry), Rajgira (Amaranth), Millets and Lotus Seeds are being used by many restaurants, these days in preparation of items because of the health benefits they offer”, says Chef Vicky Ratnani (Head Chef, The Korner House) who is already serving a menu based on these ingredients. Also, there is a certain rise in the category with local chains taking the healthier route.

Consumers’ maybe viewing products as fashion-forward and exciting but this has led many restaurants to indulge them in their recipes even if it is just to garner the dishes being served. Some consumers prefer to manage and prevent disease through diet and lifestyle adjustments as compared with medication. This indicates that consumers are incorporating superfoods and drinks into their diets as a means of improving their health. They are being used for everyday problems like fighting obesity, cholesterol control, protection of skin from UV rays, prevention from cancers, reduction in effects of age-related diseases and many more.

“These super foods are not only in vogue but also highly accepted by consumers today. People these days are aware of latest trends and are open to experimenting and accepting new, out of the box organic & natural foods” shares Chef Akansha Sehgal, Ministry of Salads, Mumbai.

Quantity that matters

The sudden rise of options such as green and herbal tea in the cafes also indicates the awareness of consumers in this sector and the trends being followed by eateries. Other reason that is compelling people to fall into the category of super food lovers is the beauty benefits that they offer. Beauty experts say that using them might result in strengthening of skin, building collagen, providing deep nourishment and protection with antioxidants and natural proteins,hydrating and firming the skin reducing fine lines and providing smooth, toned texture.

Although many researches indicate towards the benefits of super foods, the quantity that can actually affect and cause a change for your well-being is also to be taken into account. Having a good quantity of them stands important but having anything in excess can never be good and can result in increment of weight or other dietary issues.

”Super foods are trending but I strongly feel no food including all those labelled as super foods can compensate for unhealthy eating. One should focus more on super diets rather than on super foods as focusing on just one super food and eating it in the wrong proportion which is certainly not going to benefit one in any way” said, Chef Jerson Fernandes, Executive Chef Hotel Sea Princess.

Thus, with people going towards wellness and adopting healthy lifestyle, super foods may hold a special place in the restaurant menus in days to come. 

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