Is Western Breakfast Capturing Indian Diners
Is Western Breakfast Capturing Indian Diners

The palate of present day urban India is not restricted to strict Indian cuisines. Though, paranthas and poha are definitely part of the picture, western breakfast options have made a place for themselves on the dining table of average Indians. Similarly, lunch and dinner options have also expanded to add more international variety.

Bakery products in particular have received immense popularity with the demand constantly increasing, especially in urban cities. From cakes to croissants, baked products have become favourites of people from all age groups. Eat them as snacks or as a meal, their versatility, taste and exoticness has enticed us like never before. Here are seven key bakery trends of 2018 which are here to stay:

Coffee with butter croissants- Waking up to the intoxicating aroma of fresh buttery and flaky croissants with rich scent of coffee wafting over to tease the senses, is perhaps the best way to greet the morning. Now with Indian bakeries including butter croissants on their menu, one can relish this experience every morning before starting the day.

Who said that bigger is better? In the world of bakery, small size is more in demand today. While cakes are still preferred for big birthday bashes, for gatherings people have started to prefer the French way of doing things. That is, small desserts are taking precedence over one big dessert cut into multiple pieces.

Talking about small things that matter, macaroons have certainly made a place in the heart of dessert lovers with their delicious taste and, let’s agree, the cute shape. That one can pile them in a box and savour the little treats while driving, watching TV or working on the desk is another point in favour. The same principle applies to cookies. Freshly baked, delicious cookies that always leaves a person wanting more.

Chocolate is no longer an exotic flavour for Indian palate. There are wide varieties of chocolates available in the market today and consequently, the knowledge about chocolates has also increased. Premium chocolate brands like Valrhona and Callebaut are prospering in India as the rising middle class demands the same quality of chocolates as enjoyed by their western counterparts.

Awareness about food, diet and nutrition has also increased and people today actively put aside palate for health. To adapt this trend, many bakeries have started producing baked goods which are gluten free, for those with gluten allergies. Multigrain cookies and cakes are preferred by people for self-consumption. Using pumpkin and sunflower seeds in baked products is becoming another crowd favourite trend. When was the last time you raised an eyebrow when the bread displayed on the local bakery boasted to be ‘multi-grain gluten free bread prepared with soy milk and added pumpkin, chia and sunflower seeds.’ No idea how that works, but we’re glad it’s on the menu.

The demand for white bread has gone down significantly. Brown bread, Atta bread, multigrain bread, etc. are a few new avatars of bread which are flourishing in the Indian market today. Since these breads use more whole wheat and less refined flour, they are more beneficial for health. Health consciousness is rising in the Indian populace and this preference for whole wheat breads (even in cakes) is here to stay.

The charm of a small cafe offering delicious caffeinated beverages and fresh warm baked items is a European setting that has also attracted Indians. To cater to this demand, similar cafes have opened up in India and received a great response. In the coming days, we’ll see increase in more such places with more such trends.

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