Key Takeaways from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor for restaurateurs
Key Takeaways from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor for restaurateurs

Food service business that is largely occupied by retail has been facing lots of pain in last one year. But then we have been moving with some behviourial change, trend and there is lots of data available on how we should move ahead. “There must be some mistakes but then we can learn from it as we move ahead, collated, collected and used it for our benefit in coming times,” shared Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Talking at Dark Kitchen and Delivery Summit, 2021 at Restaurant India he also talked about new trends, menu, behaviourial changes etc: Excerpts from his talk:

It is all about experience: “It was two weeks ago when my daughter came to me and said, dad this is the message I got from a very fancy restaurant and they are giving meals for 1200 per person. This is a five-course meal that you could order.. There was smile on my face because I remember this restaurant was going public that no, we do not deliver food and our food was not good enough if you get it packed and so we wouldn’t deliver. And, now the situation has changed so they are delivering. Again, the offer was offer we order directly from them, website. We did that, but as we started to order, we realized that the website was not really optimized for an I-pad, anyways we had to shift to a laptop and ordered choosing for 8:30 PM delivery, the order was placed at 2 in the afternoon.  At 5 Pm, the bell rang and we got the ordered delivered which was placed for 8:30 PM, we called the restaurant asked them, they apologized but when we ate the same food in the evening, the quality was par below, the packaging, the food, everything was below the pricing that was charged. So, the experience was lost and we as a customer would never order from that brand again, also we would think twice before visiting that restaurant because the experience has been bad,” said the Padma Shri awardee by pointing that customer experience is an important part of the food business. It takes just a bad experience and the customer never returns to a barnd/restaurant.

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Adopting new changes: Restaurants these days are trying their hands at everything they could. From being the best restaurant, to delivery brand and also testing their hand at opening or entering the dark-kitchen space. They want to get at least some pie in the business for their survival. There’s no denying that restaurant are all doing this to make the fair business, stay relevant and also beer other expenses but we should also know that that’s how we learn thing and uncertainty teaches us new things and learning.

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Digitistaion is the new normal: The Indian food-tech industry has grown exponentially in the past few years with a proposition anchored around convenience & value. According to a new report by Google and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the sector is expected to grow at a 25-30% CAGR to become a $8 billion market in the next two years. With the sector growing at such a speedy rate, we also see that the digital consumption of the consumer has increased in last one year. “For restaurant industry, food retail especially. There is a change when payment in cash has come down dramatically, drastically. How do we influence the customer mind, the marketing of our product?  It all depends on how people consumer things. The digital consumption has changed that,” added Chef Kapoor.

Hence, we can say that, though we will see more and more new concepts, trends venturing but the core value remains same, food, customer, quality and of course consistency

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