Keys to Empowering your Staff by BS Nagesh
Keys to Empowering your Staff by BS Nagesh

We talk about delivery, service and creating experience but we often forget about the people who deliver the experience the last mile.  Staff is an important part of any businesses that we do. Hence, we should always focus on staff and people empowerment. When we talk about empowerment we talk about multi layers of empowerment and how it can create an impact among our employees and staff.

Lead and Grow: The most important part of running a restaurant is the ability to empower its sheer leadership so that they can take on the business and grow. Empowerment is a word which has two aspects- you can empower people when they are willing to empower themselves and you are willing to let go. I think this is the most critical part of running businesses in today’s world where the opportunity is so large. Opportunity only comes for owners when you empower your people and let it go. And, that’s the only way you can multiply. Every store manager of a Domino’s, KFC or any other brand has to be a CEO of thNusrae store to make it a wow business.

Empowering the middle level People: You are talking of taste, presentation and plating in a restaurant business but how can somebody talk about these if he or she has never ever tasted the food. It is important at the middle level to get actually involved by knowing that can it become their product, business. Action has to get transferred from top management to the last. Last mile is very important part of the restaurant/retail business as they are the true brand ambassador to the brand. Hence, empower them, give them everything that give them pride of working in the whole business of service. For example, when IKEA planned to launched in India, IKEA, UNDP and we at TRRAIN, together trained over 150 women who are today on the front end. The regular store today train employees for one week and put them on the job. We trained them for 45-65 days and put them on the job. And, today we can surely say that they are among one of the best and at least paid 50 per cent above than the rest of the frontend employees in the restaurants.

Thus, we can say that until and unless we care for the employees and we care for the customer and we empower them it is very rare to survive in the business.

As told by B S Nagesh, Founder, TRRAIN

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