Know What it Takes to Run a Global Restaurant from Global Leader Shiva Kumaar
Know What it Takes to Run a Global Restaurant from Global Leader Shiva Kumaar

It was year 1981 that marked the induction of the first ever branch of Saravana Bhavan by Mr. P. Rajagopal who is one of the pioneers of the South Indian Vegetarian restaurants chain. With over 100 stores in global markets and 25 in India, Saravana Bhavan has made Indian food a global fame. A highly self-motivated aspirant and an extremely enterprising restaurateur and son of Mr. Rajagopal, P.R. Shiva Kumaar is the key person who has spearheaded the introduction of the authentic South Indian Vegetarian restaurant Saravana Bhavan from his native land to the global audience. He identifies and seizes viable opportunities for expansion and innovation and grows them into profitable enterprises with loyal customers. He has enlivened the lives of so many employees by setting up a pleasant working environment and motivating them to be 100% dedicated to keep up the standards of the business in the most amicable manner. He has imbibed the three principles of leadership that is 100% responsibility, responsiveness to the partners, staff and customers and clarity and concreteness in the execution of plans. Below is

Remember your Customer: When you are planning to go abroad make sure your target audience is present in that country. Your basic customer is there whether you are aiming at Indian expats or the locals. “Whenever we go to a country we make sure that there is good number of Indian expats or Indian community,” shared Kumaar. If you have Indian expats in the region they will automatically bring their friends and colleagues together and hence you will get the local crowd as well. Hence, always focus on the right market and crowd.

You need to get the Right Chef: You cannot have a good location and a bad product. You need to get right chefs with you. It does take a long time for work permit but you need to try to get them in and place them in right locations to make people taste the original food.

Getting the Right Supply: If you are in a place where you don’t get your local ingredients, it is very difficult to manage business. “ It was in Stockholm where we found it difficult and even in process but we eventually managed to talk to suppliers in Britain and get those to Stockholm,” added Kumaar. Hence, supply chain is very important and you need to have a strong flow of supplies to run your business in a distant land smoothly and effectively.

A Team that Works Together, Celebrates Together: You need to have a good team on the floor. A good management team with a frontend staff who can also speak the local language is a must when entering a new geography. There is no point only Indians working in an Indian restaurant. You need to have the people who speak the local language to make the local people understand the products better.

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