Learn How to Build & Sustain the Bond with Regular Customers
Learn How to Build & Sustain the Bond with Regular Customers

Serving the best food in the world doesn’t always mean a full restaurant every night if no one knows just how good your food is. Sometimes you need to do a little extra promotion to attract more customers to your restaurant. Once they’re inside and trying your food, they’ll keep coming back time and time again.

According to a report published by Food Service Warehouse (FSW), frequent guests typically account for about 15% of a business’s customer base, providing at least one-third of the revenue. Building new customer is difficult; however, making regular customers permanent is even more difficult. You need to use certain techniques other than advertising to create a regular customer.

Some of the best strategies for achieving regular customers in your restaurant are:

Loyalty programs: Loyalty program is very important to make regular customers even better customers. This can be done by offering them rewards for their repeat businesses. A loyalty program can include point systems and advanced software that analyses customers’ purchasing patterns. This program will focus on strengthening the bond with repeat customers in order to increase revenue and improve a restaurants’ reputation through word-of-mouth.

Bounce backs:  Incentives and bounce back can be offered to new customers to make them come back to your restaurant. Though first impressions are very important in gaining name and fame, it is also true that people do not become repeat customers on just a single visit. To create regular customers, you need to get people to return at least once more.

Online outlet: This is a great way to spread your wings as access for customers becomes easier.

Good Communication: Try talking to people; know what they like and dislike about your restaurant. Because your customer may transfer his thoughts to his friend and this can give you a new customer as well as a repeat customer. This will also not harm your image.

Service: Service is what people come to your restaurant; make them feel that they are on the top of the world. Generating customer is something which is in your hands; people get attracted to the food, service and ambience in your restaurant. If you have all the three combos in your restaurant, the customer will be at your door again.

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