Maintaining Cost Factor is Vital for Biz
Maintaining Cost Factor is Vital for Biz

Consumer walks in a restaurant with some expectation and then it’s up to the restaurateur to deliver and fulfill those expectations. It is the only judgmental point which decides if you would get your customers back or not. And, getting them back is only possible by meeting their expectations which undoubtedly creates an unforgettable experience for customers. Consistent innovation is vital to run food business. Chefs need to take a step forward in food service sector to educate the consumer. There are a lot of responsibilities and detailing stays on a Chef’s shoulder to help food sector grow.

“These days’ trends are all about forming a story. Every ingredient on the shelf has a story to tell. It’s about pharma or social contribution. Also people all of a sudden are more conscious about food and therefore chefs need to be more conscious to satisfy their requirements,” shares Alexander Moser, Executive Chef, Andaz Delhi.

The Rise of Concept Food

Eating food itself is a holistic experience. When it comes to eating, we not only eat with our hands and mouth but with the eyes. Eating what is available in the season is the best kind of concept food according to some renowned chefs in the world. “We keep changing our menu in every four to five weeks at Romy’s kitchen so it doesn’t become monotonous. My food is influenced with modern cooking but I make sure to keep the authenticity of Indian cuisine. Never forgetting the roots and keep innovating is my concept,” avers Romy Gill, Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur.

Indian cuisine has a lot to offer to the world. “I work around the plate and create a nice looking plate because the first interaction of a customer with the food is through eyes. And, a plate needs to look good to satiate customer’s eyes first. At the same time, sticking to the classic Indian basics but using different techniques are the essentials needed to make Indian cuisine progressive,” says Chef Gautam Chaudhary, Director, Demiurgic Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

New Food is New Fad

Awareness has changed these days. Every other person is introducing new cuisine, fusion or bringing some technology to the industry because they have acquired some knowledge about food. That is why independent bakeries and restaurants are coming up and inspired the revolution of new trends in food and beverages sector. “Baking has taken the world like a storm and it is going to get better with more exposure,” says Chef Vivek Bhatt, Executive Chef, JW Marriott Hotel New Delhi Aerocity adding that world is small, there is much availability as compared to before. People know about food industry and are willing to learn more.

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