Make or Break the Dining Experience
Make or Break the Dining Experience

When thinking of a restaurant you often consciously think of the menu. Is the food, however, enough to create repeat business from a customer? While some will argue yes, the majority will know that there is more to the dining experience than just the food. It's also the interior design of the restaurant that influences repeat customers.

Celebrity Mixologist Arijit Bose, when asked about the design of full service restaurants said,” It can make or break your dining experience. The inside of the bar has gained much prominence in the past few years.”

Play it Well With Furniture’s

Since the online home décor and furniture market is no longer a niche segment, differentiation and a competitive edge are imperative. Keeping this in mind, Natasha started Bent Chair in Delhi in August 2016. From the shape and squashiness of dining chairs to the exact textures of the wallpaper, Natasha reveals,” It takes a lot of knowledge that goes into creating the interior of a restaurant.”

A well structured dining room is more than just tables & chairs. It sets the tone and ambiance of your restaurant. Creating an amazing interior design is anything but simple. There are thousands of factors to juggle ranging from your restaurant, bar or cafe’s style, to making the interior as beautiful and decorative as possible without disrupting the staff’s workflow.

Commenting on the same, Natasha said,” It’s not how the equipment looks but how it is wired.”

The Tricks & Actions

From a psychological point of view, one of the key aspects to a restaurant’s design is the lighting. It has to be soft and flattering to make guests feel comfortable so that they are confident and relaxed and enjoy their stay in the restaurant.

“We tend to do this through soft ambient lighting to complement the more targeted architectural lighting and also to suit the time of day. In my experience, the worst lighting is when there are just down lights over the tables that can cast shadows over diners face. This can be very unflattering for guests and make them feel uncomfortable”, said Arijit Bose.

What Makes a Great Restaurant or Bar

It is all down to good planning of the place and making it work, something that customers would not be aware of. Then it is about atmosphere, from lighting to music. People have to feel relaxed, but before we start on a project we research extensively into the offer and the location, making sure that what we are designing is relevant to the local or targeted demographic

When asked about to what she attributes her designing skills, Natasha said,” Education, Travelling and Learning from outside have helped me broaden my knowledge space about interior decors.”

The ongoing trend has completely tilted towards eating and drinking out and thus restaurants and bar owners is trying really hard to make it a holistic experience for their customers.

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