Make Your Restaurant 'LOOK' Great
Make Your Restaurant 'LOOK' Great

The atmosphere in your restaurant should be such that it is conductive to helping your customers to relax and enjoy the occasion. Here are a few tips that can revive your restaurant’s atmosphere.

1.      Decide, decide: The environment should be made according to the type of customer you are inviting into your restaurant. You need to decide whether your restaurant will be casual or formal. Once that is decided, it will always stand good to tweak your design.

2.      Visit other similar restaurants: You need to sit and dine in other restaurants while studying their layout.

3.      Observe customers: When you visit other restaurants, observe how customers interact with one another and the restaurant staff. If customers stay at the table even after finishing their meal, it speaks something good about the restaurant.

4.      Make notes: When you visit other restaurants, you should make mental and written notes of the decor, the colours, the layout of the dining room and kitchen and the entire restaurant design.

5.      Decide on a theme: You should also decide on the theme of your restaurant and how often you will change it to accommodate special occasions.

6.      Investigate current restaurant trends: You should incorporate the trends that are getting the most attention. To make your restaurant stand out, you need to put a twist in order to brand your restaurant and differentiate it from competitors.

7.      Have an eye on demographics: You must keep an eye on your target demographics, i.e. whether you are aiming for a family or friendly atmosphere.

8.      Bring space: You must design your restaurant such that it allows waiters and waitresses enough space to move freely – from the eating area to the kitchen area. This way you can avert accidents and allow the staff to get to their customers faster.

9.      Infuse colours: Colour is a key aspect of restaurant design. It will be good if you adopt colours that deliver a pleasant impression and automatically produce a favourable reaction. Good colour tones will not only help your customer remember your space, but will also help to match with your food theme and promote appetites.

10.  Arrange lighting: Lighting is a key element while designing a restaurant and can increase or decrease the image of a restaurant. Proper use of lighting will work as an accelerator to promote your restaurant, for example for calm ambience soft lighting over a semi dark room is perfect.

11.  Adequate dining space: Utilising each and every space in an effective manner is an essential element in the process of designing. The dining space should be covered at the right place making it accessible for the customer. Avoid making it compact by putting extra decorative material around it, keep it precise and clean.

12. Involve the senses: To create a pleasant restaurant environment, you should also give importance to the ways of stimulating the five senses of the customer – visual, audio, smell, taste, and sensual. To accomplish this successfully, you need to work with the chef to present delicate meals that are appealing to both the smell and taste bud of the customers. All these play into the overall experience which your customer absorbs.

13.  Hire a designer: In case you need help in pulling all design elements together, it is better to get a designer who has experience with restaurant design – someone who understands the relationship between food and place, the need for  ambiance and who places as much importance on your ideas as on their own. Talented home and office designers won't work.

14. Reserve budget: Cost is another issue while dealing with a restaurant business. It is better to keep a portion of your design budget for unexpected expenses.

15. Avoid cutting things too close to design: You need to make sure that all your other issues such as plumbing, kitchen equipment and structural repairs are covered before you start into design.

16. Go for quality: When you have an accurate budget, purchase the best quality you can afford for your design elements since you want to project an atmosphere of professionalism, cleanliness and stability. If you settle for cheaper materials, the effort will go waste. When concentrating on your restaurant design, keep your choices in line with your vision and then create an investment which adds to your profitability. 

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