Making delicious food healthy
Making delicious food healthy

We see lots of new restaurants opening every other day but how many of them actually serve good food. And how many of them serve food that are healthy is still a big question. Often, it is found that whenever global menu introduced in India, it does not take time to get copied by street vendors. Now, we have two versions of that global menu. However, one cannot be sure on the fact whether that global food variant being sold on streets are healthy and maintain the standard set by global brands. Here’s is a clear Picture!

Serving right in your plate
Many restaurants think that people come to restaurant only because they are a food lover. But, they should also fathom over the reason why people stepped in. Most of the times, they are chosen as they serve healthy and hygienic food.

To make sure the food served to the customer is 100 percent healthy to eat, the restaurants need to follow certain guidelines which includes keeping the kitchen and the surroundings clean, use fresh and quality products and vegetables and also assure that the products that are stored have not expired their shelf life period.

“I prefer going to a reputed restaurants to take my food because they follow 100 percent hygiene and the norms passed by the FSSAI which ensures that what am eating is beneficial for my health,” believes, Zorawar Kalra, MD, Massive Restaurants.

Going the organic way
Many a times, it is also noticed that the restaurants provide delicious foods but are not too healthy to eat due to excessive fats, extra spices and not-so-clean surrounding where the food have been cooked. And to solve all these problems, many restaurant chains are adopting organic way of cooking food and serving delicious yet healthy food.

“We have included the concept of live cooking at our restaurants, where the chefs cook in front of the customers to maintain the healthiness and freshness of food. People eat 60 percent of the food through eyes and that's why we believe in serving fresh food to our customers, shares, Chef Subrata Debnath, Executive Chef, Hyatt Regency, Chennai.

Meanwhile, the globalisation is another reason for creating a healthy food by the restaurateurs. With people becoming more demanding as they have international exposure and have travelled across the world, the restaurants owners are now including fat free menu and organic dishes in their list.

“The Indian consumer is becoming more and more sophisticated, demanding and knowledgeable about food. This has come through travel, international exposure and also because of media. People want to eat healthy, nutritious food without compromising on taste,” Chef Anand Morwani, Co-Owner, Brewbot.

Thus, we can say that today's diners are not only conscious about being healthy but also being fit. So when they visit restaurants they also expect to eat healthy food, by selecting a menu that offers choice of a balanced diet.

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