"Massive Ambit in Delivery Restaurant"

Chetan Kaul is an enthusiastic Co-Founder at Dudleys who shares his experience with delivery restaurant in an exclusive interview with Restaurant India.

The Backstory

I have been with food industry and food tech industry for a while and realised that food delivery business started booming about two and a half years ago. The reason we started with Dudleys is no one has done anything good with burgers. There were very high standards with other cuisines from pizza to north Indian and on the other hand the standards with burger were very low. The concept of burger in India is of a fast food, fried and fattening but there is no concept of gourmet burgers in India which is everywhere in all over the world. The other thing is burgers are very easy to market. So we wanted to introduce much higher standards of burger to India. That is why we use authentic and imported ingredients for our burgers and not feed people with fried patties. Everyone can do burgers but the thing which makes us different is doing it with much higher level.

The Journey

Being a foodie and having an all around experience with food sector made me worked with some food tech companies where I had a lot of access to data. That is how I came to know the statistics with delivery. The delivery market is growing very fast because people are convenience friendly, they enjoy getting food at their door step. Also it was quite easy to start up with a delivery restaurant. The only problem is because there is so much of tech element, people do not know about it precisely. There is a huge opportunity in this market, many are doing delivery restaurant but no one is doing it right completely which made us enter the game.

The Efforts

We have started working on it from last year, September and we ended up with it on 1st February of this year. Our main thing was to find the best Chef to make our burgers stand out of the crowd. So we had more than 35 food trials before starting up with 35 different Chefs. It took us four months to stumble upon what we wanted, a fine dine Chef in delivery restaurant. We have put half of crore till date into the project.

The Pricing

I actually see our burgers worth paying for but I know that customers find it high. India being price sensitive country going to take time before people having knowledge about the process followed to serve them. Pricing depends upon consistency. If the customer likes the product, he will find it worthy and if he doesn’t like it then of course it will b expensive for him. That is quite a big issue in delivery restaurant in India because there is no ambience or music to justify the price.

The Competition

There is no doubt that Indian food market is not only growing but exploding. But there is much scope to grow and in between we don’t see competition at all because brands like McDonald’s and KFC are in different bracket. Their delivery models and pricing are also in different segment so there is no competition. For the most part in delivery business, there is not a huge competition.

The Expansion

We are intending to expand in Greater Kailash and Malviya Nagar. The first basic expansion plan is to cover all of Delhi in terms of delivery. The second part is to increase the delivery hours and the main part is to open a culture of dining in burgers where we can combine alcohol and burgers together.

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