McDonald's introduces Focaccia Buns, the first flavored bun
McDonald's introduces Focaccia Buns, the first flavored bun

Westlife Development Limited owner of the Master Franchisee of McDonald’s restaurants in West & South India has announced the introduction of Focaccia buns as an option to their regular burger buns, reiterating their diligent efforts towards providing wholesome and customized menu choices to customers.

Focaccia bread contains the goodness of extra virgin olive oil and is packed with high levels of antioxidants. Focaccia is also a rich source of Vitamin E and is a culinary delight for its inherent full bodied aroma and flavour.

The introduction of Focaccia Bread by McDonald’s is in response to a recent growing trend of customers demanding varied bread options especially in the whole wheat and multigrain bread segment (6 per cent in 2013-14).

“McDonald’s, as a brand, has always been committed to developing our menu to reflect evolving customer tastes. We are focussed on creating modern menu options and work towards empowering the customer in making wholesome food choices when dining at McDonald’s, by ensuring that our products are aligned to the nutritional benefits that customers seek,” said Amit Jatia, Vice Chairman, Westlife Development Ltd.

Focaccia Buns get their flavour from fragrant herbs such as oregano, basil, rosemary along with a sprinkling of savoury chilliand garlic.

McDonald’s has added ‘Soy Flour’ for which increases the protein quotient in the bun and the fact that sugar content in Focaccia buns is minimal helps uplift its wholesomeness. The Focaccia Buns are dusted with Cornmeal for added zing and fibreand make the delectable buns more visually appealing.

Continuing the emphasis on local sourcing, the Focaccia buns are sourced from Mrs. Bector’s state-of-the art facility in Khopoli, which follows stringent measures to maintain hygiene and food quality that are in sync with the McDonald’s philosophy.

“With Focaccia Buns we will provide customers the option to customise their burgers for the first time since McDonald’s inception in India. We aim to offer good food choices and personalization options, which are the key drivers for customer preferences in today’s competitive QSR space,” added Jatia.

Customers can now customise their burgers by opting for Focaccia buns instead of the original bun for an additional cost of Rs 15.

Focaccia Buns will be available for a variety of popular burgers such as McVeggie™, McAlooTikki™, McChicken™, Chicken McGrill™, McEggas well as the McSpicyand Masala grill range.

Focaccia buns are available across McDonald’s restaurants in West and South India for a limited time starting from May 1st up to 30th June 2015.

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