Multi-cuisine is Holachef's hallmark
Multi-cuisine is Holachef's hallmark

Started in September 2014, Holachef, which brings the world’s cuisine prepared by specialty chefs on a single platform, has seen an exponential growth and increase in orders during the last few months. In an interaction with Saurabh Saxena, Founder-CEO of Holachef, shares with Restaurant India, his ardent love for food and the technology coming up within Holachef.

How Holachef works?

Holachef is an aggregator which has tied up with chefs who offer cuisine speciality and are experts of certain cuisines. And then, the ordering mechanism for customers is such that they can come and see the cuisine and the menu and can select it and place the order. Once the order is placed, the whole fulfilment team works together with the chefs and delivers food to the customer.

Integrating chefs at a single platform

Holachef does not charge any fees from any of the chefs.  They  hire chefs on the basis of their professional background, the kinds of ingredients they are using and the type of attitude they have towards their cuisine and whether that cuisine will be liked by their customers or not.

“We also do lots of tasting sessions with chefs and review them, once the review is positive, we start working with the chef,” said Saurabh Saxena, Founder, Holachef.

Focusing on quality and speciality

Offering multi-cuisine at a single platform is the motto with which ‘Holachef’ works. Meanwhile, as the food is prepared by speciality chefs, there is the guarantee of quality and authenticity. Every day the group offers a different menu giving customers a choice of variety along with the convenience of ordering it.

“There’s a lot of experiment as we are in our early days and we are serving different types of cuisines on different days.  We segregate the cuisine on its popularity on a given day. However, the ingredients of the menu for each of the days are suggested by the chef only,” added Saxena.

Delivering best service

Recently, Holachef raised Rs 2 crore seed funding, it will utilise those funds to increase the capability of delivering more and quicker food service in Mumbai and setting the right technology and operations’ team. On expansion spree

Holachef intend to cover Mumbai before the end of October and will enter other cities once it will cover 30 per cent of Mumbai before Deepavali. Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad and Bengaluru are the other cities on radar.

Competition in the industry

“We do see competition from restaurants that are into home delivery, but we are competing at food level as Holachef has a wide variety on any given day and a particular food on some days,” pointed Saxena.

Targeting at replacing the overall experience with comfort, Holachef is planning to get Rs 500-1500 orders per day to present 600 orders per day.  

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