New Delhi based King City looking for partners to expand
New Delhi based King City looking for partners to expand

Tell us something about King City.

King City is one of the oldest brands in India. We entered into the business 17 years ago with pet bottles as the segment. Today, we are doing extremely well in the market and that’s the reason we are planning to expand our business in North India region giving it a brand image.

How do you see the competition from the market?

There are no quality issues in the product. In comparison with the MNCs we are doing very well.

Who started the business?

The business was started by three brothers Parvesh Khanna, Rakesh Khanna and Rajesh Khanna. We have an extensive reach in the north Indian market and we are at par with MNCs in India.

What is King City’s market presence?

UP, Haryana and Delhi is our major market. We have distributors in areas that are helping us grow our brand. We have more than 150 distributors in this region.

What is your plan going forward?

We are looking for partners who can help us grow our brand and set up plants. We have our plant in Delhi and Ghaziabad. We are also setting up a plant in Lucknow via franchisee. We are hoping to get at least 8-10 plants very soon.

What are the different kinds of drinks and juices available?

We are serving seven flavours... we are also launching herbal products soon. We source all pulp from markets for the flavoured drinks. Whereas Litchi is sourced from Bihar and Mangoes from Chennai for the fresh juice. We are expanding juice- Guava, Mixed fruit, orange pulpy.

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