"New Players in the Market Will Make This Business More Interesting, says Vikrant Misra"

Call it a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who have the passion of serving food or an unlicensed business opportunity, where the government has made no arrangements for these entrepreneurs to establish a successful food truck business. Yes, It is Tough But True!

Especially in the countries like the United States, China, Australia, England has a large number of food trucks as compared to some other cities in the world. Now talking about India a clutch of entrepreneurs is doing a good business rustling up wholesome dishes in vehicles. They take their food on the street and attract people for the Indian cuisine and helping them turn their backs on the junk food.

In conversation with Vikrant Misra, Founder, Eggjactly, shares his passion for Food Trucks and the never ending ordeals that this business has to offer.

The Uneven Voyage

In India there is no association or regulatory body assigned by the government for establishing a food truck business. Licensing for food trucks in India is highly unorganised and is the most time consuming and indeed a burdensome task.

Commenting on the presence felt in India, Vikrant said,” As compared to the west, the food truck business in the US was 2.7 billion market earlier. It will take 10-15 years for us to reach this market as we are no were close now. We have seen the entire growth cycle for us.”

Adding further he said,” The advent of new players in this market will make the food truck business more interesting.”

Lack of Exposure

Some find this business interesting, quirky and unusual while the rest say it is a tiresome one. A mixed bag it is, Vikrant continued,” There are bunch of entrepreneurs who are keen to invest in the food truck business due to low investment & high ROI, but till the time you don’t get into the business, you don’t work towards the difficulty of this particular business. It requires maximum amount of labour and time and it is no easy business.”

A One Stop Shop

Food trucks are shutting down in India due to various licensing and legal issues. Being in the industry for so long, how did you overcome the challenges?

For every food business, a license from FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) is required. Hurdles are there in every business. Food trucks are not a licensed business in India. Initially, there was absolute no support but then The Government planned to work on the licensing issues which later died down. Let it be a one stop shop for people who are new in the business, with no godfathers above them.

The Franchising Way

With food trucks too adopting the franchising business model to expand their brand, Joining haqnds on similar grounds, Vikrant said,” We started the Franchising model within Gurgaon itself and we have 2 franchisees which are running in the same place. In the coming years, we are looking at more opportunities and this involves collaborating with franchisees to take our business further.”

“It been 5 years that we have been pushing governments of different states but nothing has helped us as of now. While businesses continue to rise and fall, food truck business is here to stay and will definitely pave a new route to profit", added Misra, Founder, Eggjactly.

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