Nirvaaha to open first organic cafe in IIT Delhi soon
Nirvaaha to open first organic cafe in IIT Delhi soon

Nirvaaha is known to be naturally pure and organic store. How do you maintain to produce organic food?

We have worked very hard on maintaining an authentic and pure supply chain. Our farmers, producers and manufacturers are committed to the movement of safe food, good health and protecting the environment and earth. We are in regular touch with annual visits to each of the places. We ensure authenticity by ensuring the people in this endeavor our authentic- so minimum criteria for all our producers is that self exploration and self examination is at the centre of their efforts.

What are the different types of organic health food products and natural beauty products you recommend?

For health foods - all organically, locally and seasonally grown ingredients are essentially healthy. In addition to that certain health products that we would recommend/  wheatgrass powder, antecede (Removes gas and acidity issues), sarv jvar har (herbal remedy for cold cough and all kinds of fevers), herbal eye drops that is gentle on the eyes and extremely effective in all kinds of eye related problems as it strengthens the cornea and nasal drops.

How do you know what your consumers looking for? And how do you connect with them?

Being a retail store we get a chance to connect with our customers on a regular basis. We also put up interactive posts on Facebook. In addition, we get a chance to take feedback with our weekly home delivery order calls.

What are the challenges you face in this field?

Main challenge is to help people understand that one, organic is truly a better health choice than non organic products. Two, it is worth spending that extra little bit on health and giving up say one fine dinning a month or one movie outing.

Nirvaaha is coming up with a new venture. What you want to say about this?

Nirvaaha is opening its first full time organic cafe in IIT Delhi. It is a venture for us to provide the future of India the best of health. We hope that such a space can be an advocate for healthy food that's tasteful and reasonable.

Do you see any threat from your competitors?

Our experience has been in promoting organic farming and products- this is a collaborative space and not a competitive one. Our aim is to increase the number of consumers, make it more accessible to people. Which means more the producers, more the retailers - the better it is.

What is your expansion plan in next five years?

Our plan is to grow gradually and steadily. It is very important to be patient with the pace with business - to ensure quality, to ensure relationships get enough space along with work, productivity and efficiency.

We hope to increase the range of products from food to health to cosmetics to clothing and housing products - to allow for a complete organic lifestyle. We intend to grow more organic spaces through cafes and events.

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