Now order your food FRSH
Now order your food FRSH

Today young urban office workers rely on junk food as most of the restaurants don’t offer healthy food options. Considering these challenges, Badal Goel, an IIT-D alumnus, started FRSH to offer healthy food and salad options in Gurgaon. Talking to Restaurant India, Goel discusses about the business model, investment required to operate FRSH and further expansion plans:

What was the idea behind serving healthy food options online?

Many new business models are coming up every day, but there are very few healthy food joints available in the market currently. The biggest gap in this market is that they are not easily accessible to the urban Indian population, if they want to have healthy food on regular basis. The idea was to make healthy food accessible at an affordable rate with a user friendly ordering platform.

What is the business model?

FRSH owns all three segments of the business model – online platform, central kitchen and logistics. FRSH was created after extensive research and experiment in the industry for more than two years.

What was the investment involved for FRSH?

The initial investment involved huge amount of money from friends and family. After successfully testing out the pilot model, we are working on expanding our business by investing heavily in creating a highly technologically advanced central kitchen, automation, quality control and building our own logistics team. For this, we will go for the institutional investors.

How do you prepare the foods? Do you have a team of chefs or people doing the same?

As the name goes everything is prepared just-in-time at a centralised location ensuring freshness and best quality by our team of chefs who have been trained on three basic things – consistent taste, hygiene and healthiness of food.

How much time is involved in delivering the orders?

Since we have fixed time delivery model, our customers select the time when they want food to be delivered. To ensure timely delivery, we dispatch our orders about 25-30 minutes prior to the delivery time.

What kind of response you have received from customers? How many orders you receive on weekly basis?

The way customers have responded to the whole FRSH concept has been a great motivation for us. We are processing about 90 orders per day.

What were the initial challenges? How are you trying to overcome the same?

Though there are ups and downs on daily basis in a start-up, there are instances when you face some tough challenges and our ability to overcome them decides the faith of our start-up. At FRSH, the motivation and the ability to overcome those challenges come from our customers in the form of their feedback on our products and services.


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