Our approach to food is to make it accessible to everyone: Chef Mitesh
Our approach to food is to make it accessible to everyone: Chef Mitesh

In an interview to Restaurant India, Chef Mitesh, Director of Food at Lemon Leaf talks about the growing trend of Asian restaurants.

When did the idea of starting Lemon Leaf pop up?
We've always been running Asian restaurants as a company. Lemon leaf is the erstwhile lemongrass, which is fairly an old restaurant. We were always on the hunt for location in south Mumbai and when the opportunity presented itself, we moved.

Why Asian restaurant?
Its a popular cuisine that our experienced Chefs in our team were good at. it’s food which offers great variety to all and is light, which makes it a great model.

What was the total investment you put in to come up with this restaurant?
Can’t disclose.

How have you designed the outlets that compliment the food theme?
It’s an Asian restaurant, so the decor obviously has to match the theme. The brief was always to keep it contemporary, which I believe the designer has successfully managed.

How is the menu designing done?
Many factors - location, type of clientele, price points , rent, Popular demand, popular dishes at our other locations, size of the kitchen, expertise of the staff etc.

What is that one factor which makes your food differ from others in the same segment?
Our approach to food is to make it accessible to everyone. It’s a very non-elitist approach which makes it fun & casual for everyone to enjoy. We try to keep it simple and adapt dishes to locally available ingredients & raw materials.

What is the average foot fall at your restaurants?
Fluctuates from location to location & brand to brand

How do you market your brand?
Through social media - Online advertising.

Offline - PR, Newspaper ads, Hoardings.

What is your expansion plan?
We obviously plan to open 2 more outlets for Lemon leaf In Mumbai in the next couple of years. We then would like to take it to other metros like Delhi & Bangalore. A QSR/Delivery model is also in the offing.

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