Our target revenue is Rs 4.5 lakh in a month- Dumpling Momo
Our target revenue is Rs 4.5 lakh in a month- Dumpling Momo

Where does Dumpling Momo sits today in terms of growth?

Presently we have three outlets. Our first outlet is inside the Diamond plaza mall at Kolkata and then we came up with our second outlet within three months of opening our first outlet. After that we launch the third outlet at city centre mall near salt lake.

What is your product range?

We deal only with Momo as the dumpling base. We have 48 different varieties of Momos. For instance Steamed Momo, fried Momo, Pan fried Momo, Chocolate Momo, Veg Hara Bhara Momo(which are in pure veg form & green in colour without using any additives) and many more. We are also launching Tandori Momo which will be in a different format from the market .

Our specialaties are like veg HaraBhara momo (a green colour momo), Dimshom momo (an egg momo with a bit of chicken flavour in it and Dumpling Cottage cheese momo (momos in mix & white sauce base which is basically a fusion of tibetan & italian cuisine), Khow-Suey (hot burmese soupy noodles along with the tibetan soupy noodle "thukpa"). All these products makes us different from the current market.

Who are your target customers? What is the average footfall at your outlets?

Our target customers are mainly office goers, college goers, housewife everyone who like the finger foods. Footfall has been great at the current outlet. We receive a daily sale of approximately Rs 8000-9000.

Do you see any threat from your competitors?

Yes, we have competitions in the market especially Wow Momo. But we have a great variety than Wow. Even people are giving us reviews that they like our product and it is better than Wow Momo.

How do you do pricing?

It is same as you get in market, it range from Rs 50 -110.

What is your present revenue and target revenue?

Our present revenue is 3.5 Lakh and the target revenue will be 4.5 lakh in a month.

What are your expansion plans?

Currently, we are working at Kolkata only. But now we are focusing on other cities like Delhi and North Indian market.

What are the opportunities one can get from the franchise route?

Franchising gives us opportunities to expand in other cities for instance with the help of franchising, we are planning to expand in cities like Guwahati, Patna, Delhi, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc. And in return we can provide support, staff training, procuring raw materials, serving to guest, equipments, furnishing the outlets and marketing the outlets to the franchisor.

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