Packaging Innovation to be a major Ingredient in the food industry in 2021
Packaging Innovation to be a major Ingredient in the food industry in 2021

Food packaging is a vital part of the supply chain of food manufacturers as it attracts customers and in certain cases also improves the product shelf life. It greatly Influences the customer purchasing behavior and is modeled meticulously after considerable research. Subsequent to the global health emergency that loomed over us through most of 2020, markets of the world underwent revolution and so has the food packaging segment.

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Focusing on safety

In the past year, we have fostered a greater need for food safety and secure food packaging. So much so that even packaging material manufacturing companies are going the extra mile to create innovative packaging material that will effectively match the visual appeal criteria as well as meet safety norms. Also, with strict government regulations and more awareness towards environmental hazards of plastic etc, the world is moving towards recyclable, biodegradable substances. Materials like bagasse, bamboo, jute, biodegradable plastic, glass etc. are sure to see increased demand in the coming years. Packaging suppliers will have to ensure affordability and availability while also trying to retain or incorporate other sought after features like leak resistance, customizability, etc.

Currently, the market is driven by various factors such as the trend of consumers shifting towards processed and packed food, advancement in materials used for packaging of food products, the adoption of different marketing strategies by key players in the market, increasing demand for good packaging materials and increasing consumer awareness towards the necessity of good quality food packaging.

Driven by Convenience

It is also important to have convenience features in the food packaging such as easy opening, portability, and single-use packaging which are driving innovations for packaging of processed foods. With social media booming more than ever, every brand is trying their best to come up with better and innovative packaging.

Today, even restaurateurs are experimenting with different styles of packaging in a bid to offer a unique experience to patrons. Depending on brand positioning, packaging can get flamboyant and flashy or elegant and classy. Simple packaging can be made attractive by adding a twist to it. For eg; a sleeve over a regular plastic/box, personalised notes to go with the packages, insulated thermal packaging for hot beverages and spill proof box for beverages.

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The recent trend of lifestyle changes with almost no time for consumers to prepare foods posed a great challenge towards the food packaging sector leading to the evolution of novel and innovative food packaging techniques that will continue to see growth in the coming year. Research and development aligned with consumer preferences gave rise to active, intelligent and bio active food packaging techniques that are purely innovative. These packaging technologies have played a major role in contributing towards the enhancement of food quality, safety, and feasibility. Usage of new and innovative packaging techniques is growing widely because of their umpteen advantages especially a positive impact on health. In the near future traditional packaging will be completely replaced by innovative food packaging techniques as these techniques are rapidly making their way into the global market.

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