Playing with Indian flavours
Playing with Indian flavours

With exotic ingredients, varied tastes and exiting flavours that India offers, Indian cuisines has taken several form, not only here in the country, but at global platforms also. Known for its rich heritage and traditional value, we have seen many international destinations welcoming Indian chefs and Indian cuisine to rock the nation.

Indian cuisine changes with every 40 kms, the rich demography that India holds, make its a culinary world in itself. Like other countries which are known for a single cuisine, India is named for its regional cuisine, which changes with demography. From West to South, North to East, we have a varied flavours, fusion and ingredients to feast on.

“India has a very interesting food heritage. We are a country with culinary etiquette,” shares Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, Celebrity Chef and Director, Turban Tadka Hopsitality.

Adding to the same lines, Chef JP Singh, Executive Chef, Bukhara, ITC-Maurya says, “Food ingredients are easily accessible these days, no matter where you are, you can cook traditional Indian food.”

Health is wealth
There is no denying the fact that we are a food obsessed nation. With flavours and recipes as rich as our cultural inheritances, healthiness of food is another aspect that is on top while cooking a food.

“Flavour change with the demography, but we have to keep that nutritional value in consideration,” added Singh, who has made Bukhara one of the restaurants in top most visited list amongst Indians and also on the global diaspora.

Bringing healthier practice is what needs to be introduced in Indian food because globally people think that Indian food is all about curries, but in reality it’s more than just curries.

“Whatever we cook, there is lots of nutritional food in it. I have my youtube site where I put Indian recipes and food techniques and to my surprise 50 per cent questions and queries on those post are from international markets,” proudly says Chef Sokhi.

With our own influenced recipes, revival of food techniques, going back to basics and consumption of less processed food, we can say that there is lots being done for Indian cuisine.

And, hence we can say that the availability of exotic ingredients, uniqueness of dishes, and tongue-tingling flavours makes Indian cuisine both exciting and intimidating. 

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