Product, Process, People and Patron: How 4Ps has Helped This Burger Brand Grow 3X
Product, Process, People and Patron: How 4Ps has Helped This Burger Brand Grow 3X

The idea behind launching Good Flippin’ Burgers was to fill a gap in the market for high-quality burgers at an affordable price point. The market was underpenetrated when we started, and over the years, many new brands have entered the market. Despite there being seeming saturation in the burger market there is a lot of headroom for growth as the market is growing at 17% YOY,” shared Viren D’Silva, Co-founder, Good Flippin’ Burgers who partnered with Sid Marchant and Sijo Mathew to launch the brand in 2019 that has grown to more than 20 outlets in 3 years. “We saw an opportunity to offer customers a better product that was made with premium ingredients in a neighbourhood near them. Our focus is on providing a superior burger experience for our customers, one that is both convenient and accessible,” he pointed: Read what he has to say on taking the brand to other markets:

Good Flippin Burgers

How is Good Flippin’ Burgers different from others in the segment?

We were built for scale from day one - with a focus on product, process and patrons, and people. The vision is clear: we want to be India's most loved burgers brand. We are the highest-rated burger brand in the country across online platforms and that always propels our growth. We want to provide our customers with the best & most consistent experience crafted with love and joy, be it home delivery or a dine-in experience. 

You launched the brand in 2019 and soon Covid hit the market. How did it affect your brand/ or did it have a good impact on your brand as you mostly focused on online delivery?

The pandemic accelerated our growth as people were ready to experiment and try out new forms of fine cuisine via online delivery. Burgers were one such category that benefited, and it became an acceptable and much sought-after category under online delivery. We started off as a delivery brand, and therefore we were well poised and ready to cater to the needs of the customer during the pandemic. We serve delicious, juicy, non-messy burgers that have great packaging, on-time marketing, and assured customer support to ensure, in 30 min or less we can deliver the customer a close dine-in experience as possible. All of this created a favourable environment for us which accelerated our growth. Pizzas have always been about delivery, but the lockdown confirmed burgers are strong if not better contenders.

Good Flippin Burgers

You also raised funding amounting to USD 1 million earlier this year. Where can we see that money being invested?

We have grown 3X in terms of the number of stores, revenue, and number of people. All this in 9 months of raising the funding. Good Flippin’ Burgers has always focused on investing in people and processes. With people, be it the corporate team or people who work at the stores, we have never tried to cut corners as they are the human capital we have invested in. With the process, we have focused on automation, replication, and identification, be it the automated equipment in our stores or product creation in the central kitchen. We invest in understanding our consumers by listening, learning, and reacting in a personalized manner. Technology plays a crucial part in the area of investment.

How is the Food Service Industry in India gearing up with Standardisation to serve good food?

SOPs are the rock bed of successful standardization doing so is a combination and people and process training and new training methodologies.

Good Flippin Burgers

How much do you invest in automation and how automation is helping food brands maintain taste & consistency worldwide?

There has been a proliferation of automation companies in recent years. We are proponents of automation and can proudly say that a major part of kitchens including grills and fryers have over 85% automation.

Also, as a QSR chain brand do you also aim at looking at intercity delivery, and what’s the future of such trends?

Our promise is to deliver fresh juicy delicious burgers in under 30 minutes to our customers in a neighbourhood near them. Intercity won't allow for that special experience we hold very dear to us.

Good Flippin Burgers

You are running 21 outlets across Mumbai and Delhi. What’s your plan for expanding to other cities?


Our vision is to be the most loved burger brand in India. To achieve that we will have to cover India geographically one city at a time. We will start by covering the top 8 metro cities in India.

Good Flippin Burgers

CSR initiatives at the brand?

With CSR we always wanted to do something that can grow and self-sustain, that is why we launched Good Giving Water our first purpose-into-purpose-led product, through our initiative – Good Giving Living. This initiative adopts a three-pronged approach:

o   Good for you. A half-litre bottle of Good Giving Water contains 10-13% of the recommended daily intake of zinc.

o   Good for the community. 100% of the profit from sales of Good Giving Water will be used to address an issue that is a top priority for some of our communities – fresh and clean drinking water, free from chemical pollutants. The brand is working with local non-governmental organizations to implement these initiatives.

o   100% Recyclable. The brand encourages customers to help recycle each and every PET bottle used for Good Giving Water. These bottles are collected and recycled with the help of the task force at Lucro Plastecycle, a company at the forefront of recycling and making recycled plastic packaging from post-consumer plastic waste for a sustainable tomorrow.

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