Raising the BAR: popularising the bar culture in India
Raising the BAR: popularising the bar culture in India

The beverage industry is growing since people love to have drinks. With new innovations, creation and reinvention, these categories help to boost restaurant industry’s growth in both volume and value. For instance, today India’s beer consumption stands at a mere 1.5 litre per person per year as compared to the average world consumption of 22 litre. This emerging market is a key to drive the growth in the global industry also.

Today, most of the customers prefer those places which can serve both great food and alcohol. And, bar on location transforms the ambience of a restaurant as it’s easier for guests to socialize. Many people now-a-days don’t want have a whole meal but want to try out the drinks and cocktails at the restaurant.

“Socializing is today an inescapable phenomenon and everybody wants to drink better. Cafes, bars and pubs are a great place to hang out. In the metros most working professionals primarily spend their time at home, in the office or commuting between the two! Having a place in the neighborhood actually helps one leave behind all the stress and unwinds in a comfortable setting. With live sports match, music performance, standup comedy or gaming nights- it’s gone beyond just drinking and transformed into more of a lifestyle leisure activity where one can party, have a good time with old friends or make new ones” shared Rahul Singh, Founder & CEO, The Beer Café.

Another reason behind the success that Kamal Khattar, Owner at Terrace Bar Bistro says, “Since the recent explosion of corporate companies in Delhi/NCR has seen a rise in the number of western-style Malls which is evolving as the current "hang-outs" for both the young and the old, with trendy stores, restaurants and the latest crop of clubs & bars."

Another change has been the gradual decline of single-screen cinemas and the increase of multiplex theatres, hosted by the same situated malls. The BPO and IT boom has contributed to lot of disposable income among the younger generation which tends to popularize the pubs & bar culture in India.

Growing concern

Drinks plays a vital role not only for the pleasure but also to showcase a fully fledged bar presence definitely increases the outlook and ambiance of a restaurant. This is a concept to attract the crowd of 20-40 age groups who are looking to relax and good time at the bar, complete with televisions, a casual menu and a pub-like atmosphere will likely appeal to this demographic. This also lead innovative startups to focus more on this industry as new opportunities are emerging both for entrepreneurs and larger beverage brands. They can even sell their products online marketplaces instantly.

“We have everything from authentic German beers Paulaner, Erdinger etc to Bira and Kingfisher; have a specialty draught beer called Witlinger which is premium Belgian ale. In addition to this collection, The Beer Café created a special beer based cocktail menu with Studio De Monin. Our signature ‘Brewtails’ menu comprises quirky drinks such as Sweet Pepper- a peppy drink with flavors of strawberry and grape topped with lime wedges and black pepper. Adding a beery twist to the classics are the Beerijito and Beer Rita, then there’s the tropical Blue Flip -a sprightly blend of passion fruit and blue lagoon with lager and the Beer Mule -an invigorating concoction of ginger, cucumber, vodka and of course beer” added Singh.

“The beauty of our restaurant is our exclusive designed mocktails and cocktails which surely mesmerized you in every sip of it include liquid fruit chaat, Aam Panna Mojito, Kiwi Sparkle and our terrace special Chai Sangria which is basically blend of apple juice combined with our special masala tea blend, served with juicy chunks of fruits," points Terrace Bar's Owner.

A healthy approach

These days, drinks advertisements and marketing approach is changing, so industry as a whole is premium and as consumers look to spend more to get better value from what they buy. The origin is important and the drinking behavior is changing across the generations, with differences emerging between younger and older adults. Moreover, people are inclining towards the western culture and becoming modern, this encourages people to go out to these places for hangouts and have drinks.  

Also, “Bars are experimenting with molecular cocktails that are gaining popularity. It is something that you just can’t try at home. Adds a whole element of theatrics to the drinking experience and is fun to watch. Low- alcohol drinks are gaining popularity and bartenders are beginning to embrace them as core ingredients- beer and wine make delightful cocktails! Draught beers or beers on tap will continue to reign. Restaurants will also use more technology to enhance customers’ experience from ordering to payment’” said Singh.

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