Recipe For Success: Chefpreneur Pallavi Jayswal Believes Consistency is The Key
Recipe For Success: Chefpreneur Pallavi Jayswal Believes Consistency is The Key

Chef, foodie and businesswoman Pallavi Jayswal is a force to be reckoned with. A culinary wizard, she has achieved multiple feathers in her relatively short career. During these years she has worked with multiple restaurants and brands. Her love for food and entrepreneurship led her to start Uno Más, a Spanish Tapas Bar. She is also the co-founder of Nessun Dorma Food Ventures.

Her first official culinary job was at the mecca of Indian fine dine, Indigo Restaurant at Colaba. She was entrusted to handle an entire section of the kitchen. She reminisces her time there by the fast-paced dinner services and long working hours. She has a Diplôme de Cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu, London and a Level 2 in Wines and Spirits, awarded by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.

In an interview with Restaurant India, Pallavi Jayswal, Chef and Co-founder, Uno Más - Tapas Bar Kitchen, talks about her journey as a chefpreneur.

“It is an Exciting Time to be in the Food Business”

Interiors of Uno Más - Tapas Bar Kitchen

As compared to the past, consumer culinary trends have progressed by leaps and we are seeing a much evolved Indian clientele that visits our restaurant these days. These guests are well travelled, well-read, curious and extremely aware of food, flavour and overall experience. This is the greatest challenge and compliment as a chef. Having the chance to put out something of your own making, and seeing it, satisfy this refined palate.

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The Pros and Cons of Being a Chefpreneur

There are only Pros to being a chefpreneur. It actually simplifies the thought process. There’s never a struggle between innovating in the kitchen and having a guest-friendly offering, tailor-made by your own flavour preferences. Ultimately, it’s the guests’ satisfaction and team's development that’s the broad focus in all decisions. The opportunity to have a voice in the culinary scene, and seek like-minded individuals whose growth I have an opportunity to assist in. The greatest satisfaction is the opportunity to wear both the white cap as well as the corporate suit. 

Secret Recipe For Success

Consistency! Delivering new and innovative flavours in an ever-welcoming ambience with an honest warmth in the service of our guests day after day.

Main Challenges While Starting Uno Más

Interiors of Uno Más - Tapas Bar Kitchen

One of the key challenges was choosing our team and being chosen by them. We were extremely particular of whom we wanted to work with and that took substantial time and effort. We persisted but did not compromise even though our selection rate was pretty abysmal. We gave ourselves more time than most to choose and train the best! 

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Key Marketing Strategies with Uno Más 

Our priority has always been to provide the overall experience. Food, drink, ambience and guest experience. To say one supersedes the other would be a step in the wrong direction. When you visit Uno Más, our hope is to have you savour every element of the journey that has brought about our offering. Whether it is sipping Sangria at the cantinas of Seville or admiring the bóvedas over the verandahs in Mallorca; the Patatas Bravas on a balcony overlooking the bustle of Madrid or the mystique in the Flamenco in Granada. Our strategy has always been the experience from Hola! to Bienvenidos Amigos to Muchas Gracias.

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Catering to Indian Tastebuds

Interiors of Uno Más - Tapas Bar Kitchen

It is a demanding task to present international cuisine with a mild and more subtle flavour profile because as Indians we are used to eating a whole lot of spice. At Uno Más, we’ve paid heed to that and tried to present Spanish cuisine with an Indian heart with the use of subtle, memorable spices without compromising on the Spanish flavours. This has been very well received by our guests. Making vegetables more interesting for Indian guests is always a challenge because most vegetarians, sadly, do not like to experiment with new vegetables.  

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Approach Towards Supply Chain Management at Uno Más 

We are very particular about the produce that we bring in to our restaurant which means the best of Spain and Europe (Olives, Olive oil, Cured meats, cheese etc.) to the best of sustainable local produce. We have partnered with trusted importers, artisanal confectioners, responsible growers and process driven suppliers to bring a high-quality offering to the table. 

Food and Drinks People Order More at the Restaurant 

Interiors of Uno Más - Tapas Bar Kitchen

We are so pleased to have seemingly been able to imbibe the heart of India with the soul of Spain. While our signature tapas like the Gambas Al Ajillo (Garlic prawns cooked in prawn head oil) and the Patatas Bravas (Crispy baby potatoes in smoked salsa brava with garlic aioli) are definitely amongst the most coveted finger foods on offer, the Sunday Roast (Black spiced whole roast chicken) seems the likely choice for brunch with friends and family over the weekend. The Shroom, and The Frenchie, certainly seem to leave our guests calling for Uno Más where the tipple is the name of the game. For desserts, it's Churros for the win by far.

These, mainly because the Paella de Marisco or Sangria Tinto might just sound overly generic for a Spanish restaurant in BKC, right?

Presence, Growth and Expansion Plans 

At Nessun Dorma, we are all about the unpretentious, wholesome dining experience that has the ability to transport you to our travels around the globe. The response to our first venture has been overwhelming and this is definitely the inspiration for more to come. Uno Más we say!

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