Rediscovering Indian cuisine
Rediscovering Indian cuisine

Eating out is no more an occasional festival driven activity as these days it has become an everyday celebration. Also, the menu trends have gone beyond the general, and restaurateurs and chefs are bringing ‘fresh’ elements on their menus.

People in India like to experiment with food. Yet, they do not like straight authentic cuisines like Mexican or Italian in India in their original forms. They would rather prefer a Gujrati Mexican Food or a Punjabi Mexican Food with added spices and suiting their regional palates.

Commenting about the food trend, Chef Hemant Oberoi, Grand MasterChef- Luxury Division, Taj Mahal Palace, said, “I was surprised to see the chicken tikka makhani into molecular cuisine; and it is nice to see how the industry is evolving today.”

Local cuisine in vogue

Experts believe that the strong revival of Indian food which is often termed as ‘comfort food’ is staging a comeback. And therefore, people travelling to far flung places would naturally prefer their native food over others. However, authenticity is the call.

With changing times, we need to get out of the saturation point, which our traditional style restaurants have reached. French cuisine is no more in demand; classical cuisines are now paving way for the local cuisines which are evolving with a little tweaking in the ingredient usage and presentation. Research says there are more than 25,000 recipes in our country and yet, we hardly know even 1,000 of them.

Nowadays, as chefs are becoming more focused, restaurants are turning into a thriving business opportunity. “Reinventing Indian food is the trend, which is coming on these days. The simple local flavour that we used to have in our growing up age is in demand. Indian food like sattu is becoming very popular, use it as a stuffing, or as a drink”, shared, Chef Kunal Kapoor, Celebrity Chef and Executive Sous Chef, Leela Kempinski Gurgaon.

“A very remarkable thing which I see today, compared to the past, is the social media. The restaurant business is today moving towards the ‘social connect’ element and the concept today has become beverage and food, which earlier was food and beverages, giving a way to the Indian food,” said, Chef Jolly, Director F&B, JW Marriott.

The winning strategy today is the local, regional flavours. As local produce is gaining popularity, seasonal and regional Indian menu in innovative ways is the popular trend in restaurants today. 

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