Reinventing the Bar Biz
Reinventing the Bar Biz

Smart consumer has changed the beverages drastically. Travelling and higher disposable income has made them go out and drink which in turn has become the new trend altogether. Beverages have proved themselves to be a smart mover and are continually developing innovative marketing techniques to penetrate modern retail. But there are certain things which need to be improvised in this section.

Longer Shelf Life Is A Big Question

Consumer loyalty is hard to gain when it comes to bar. “The thing which I really feel about bars not having longer shelf life is just because they are not able to retain the consumers for long. They fail to manage the regular consumers walking in to their bars and that’s primarily because there is nothing new to offer,” shares Viraj Lamba, Founder, and Director at Funbars Hospitality. Also, it becomes tougher when fifty per cent of consumers are millennial because they want to see something new every day. They do not get excited by the same product and that is where they hop to a new place in search of something excited. Constant innovation could only maintain regularity of consumers. Reinvention is really important in business because things get stale quickly.

Craft Beer which was started ten years back has a different view from different people. Gurugram opened the first craft brewery in India in 2008 even though Pune claims it. “Ever since we have witnessed craft beer has become one of the most profitable and the product which has longevity for restaurateurs. At the same time it is also evolving the culture of craft beer inspired by West,” says Ishan Grover, Brewmaster and Partner at R J Brewing Solutions.

For restaurateurs quality is the major concern while envisioning any concept or creating a product. At the end of the day, restaurateurs have to treat it like a business so it’s a tight row where one has to balance out. One who achieves the quality and consistent product throughout wins the game.

Maintaining Consistency

Opening a bar and maintaining it are two different things. Having that consistency is not in everyone’s fate. “Every store can’t do well. Restaurateurs need to have deep pockets to understand that and bring consistency at their place. For example, if four out of eight stores are not doing well then they must give that store at least six months and a chance to survive. And, if they don’t do that then it’s going to shut anyway because cutting cost on quality is not an option,” avers Shatbhi Basu, Director at STIR Academy of Bartending & Creative Consultants.

In Food and Beverages industry, policies are the biggest challenge. “Whenever we talk about liquor, we are automatically considered as criminals. That is how the government and society looks at it,” adds Grover.

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