Restaurant and Bar trends to look out in coming years
Restaurant and Bar trends to look out in coming years

Hotel and bar trends keep on evolving with time and as the year 2020 and 2021 has been it made people aware about the hygiene and the products they are consuming. More than ever, everyone is so conscious about their health and want to keep it intact even while exploring food options and different outlets.

Trend that we are witnessing these days and will only increase is healthy eating. Healthy and nutritious food has found a way in lives of the people, especially after the pandemic. Even while eating junk or going out on dinners, people have started to look for healthier options of food and mocktails.

Speaking of mocktails and cocktails, Alcohol Delivery is the new trend that the industry is facing. Many online delivery services has already opted for it. The intricate laws governing alcohol delivery were loosened in the last year, giving bars and restaurants in some states the opportunity to offer alcohol options on their delivery menu.

The demand for alcohol delivery will only continue to grow as the expectation for convenience climbs ever higher. To take advantage of this trend, bars and restaurants may have to jump through a few hoops to make sure they are abiding by state and local regulations.

As the term ‘revenge travel’ is taking the industry by storm, the concept of ‘revenge dining’ too is getting popularity among the masses. To encourage the same outdoor drinking spaces is getting attraction of the customers. The past year has shown that outdoor activities are safer than indoor activities, which has left many bars looking for ways to create outdoor drinking spaces. The question becomes, how do you provide an outdoor drinking space when you have no available space? For bars located in certain parts of the country, the outside temperature alone is a huge obstacle to overcome.

In 2022, bars will become more creative with their approach to outdoor drinking. Alleys, parking lots, and sidewalks will be transformed into temporary drinking spaces and remodels to balconies and rooftops will increase. To battle the cold temps and create an outdoor winter destination, bar culture will start to include a different type of BYOB in the form of bring your own blanket.

It always is/was a challenge for the hotels and bars to do something new for its customers and going sustainable and watching the carbon footprint is what is now in trend. The condition of our planet too shall be looked at, and it is indeed. The hospitality sector is one of the major sectors that participate in environmental degradation and going sustainable is what the food and dining sector is looking at and what they should be walking towards.

For hotels Experiential holidays are growing in popularity many people are choosing experiences over materialistic things and hotels have an advantage in that they can offer retreats and experiential holidays.Yoga retreats are a perfect way to encourage people to visit, as it’s beneficial for both the mind and body and will offer people a relaxing break after the stresses of the past year.

Last but not the least, sanitization has become a new reliance. Health and safety should always be a top priority for an effective operationand has always been inherent for all successful restaurateurs. Communicating this as a vital brand message will become the differentiating factor in the coming months, as consumers want to learn about details they never cared about before. Sanitization now-a-days is incomplete without vaccinated staff, and fully vaccinated staff is the aim and goal of every restaurant and café. More than the aim, it is the duty to keep themselves, the customers and society as a whole safe.

These are a few trends, the industry is/will witness in the coming months. The pandemic has changed how we used to look at life, what was important then is now not at a priority. Even though the restrictions are coming at ease, but having India went through the massive second wave, the hammer of third wave is constantly hanging over our heads. The trends are followed to keep everything under control and how. Strict rules has been laid for the dining industry as a whole.

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