Restaurant Owners to Lookout for ways to retain existing customers post Covid-19 Loss
Restaurant Owners to Lookout for ways to retain existing customers post Covid-19 Loss

Due to the corona pandemic, it is proven that it will affect the majority of businesses, but the hospitality industry will seem to be taking the biggest hit. After the termination of the lockdown, it is predicted that people will be still sceptical to visit restaurants and malls, as these places have a high risk of virus spread. It is estimated that the restaurant industry will be impacted for a long time after the end of this lockdown.

Commenting on the same Basab Paul, Owner of Invincible Boudoir et Jardin, and Mia Cuccinna how does he plan to cope up with the losses, he said: “We will look out for ways to retain our existing customers as they are already familiar with the restaurant, also we shall introduce some great offers to attract more customers.”

Staff Selection

Once the lockdown ends it may have an effect on the employment of the majority as businesses will be focusing on coping up with their losses and when asked Paul that will he be forced to take any necessary action against the staff hiring, recruitment, and maintaining? He stated that “There will be some cost-cutting required to make sure that restaurant can recover from the loses suffered during the pandemic, there might be some compromise made in making any recruitment unless they are absolutely important and there will be constant inventory to make sure that resources are not wasted.” This gives employees some home that even though there will be no employment expected for the first few months but the once who are employed, will have their job secured.


Taking Govt’s Help

As we know that the government is planning to come up with a scheme to help all the citizens to help them cope up with the effects of the Lockdown. When asked him about what support he would want to demand from the government, to which he responded by saying that, “our government is already working very hard on making sure that every industry can cope up with their losses, my only suggestion could be that they could support the initiative taken by National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) to waive their rents and the common area maintenance charges till June or till the lockdown lasts, as it will surely help in managing some expenses and reducing losses.”

How long would it take to recover and what is the roadmap ahead for Invincible boudoir et Jardin, to which he replied: “At this moment we cannot make any predictions about how long will it take for the business to pick up as it is very subjective to the fact that is there an extension required for the lockdown, but our restaurant will make sure that once the pandemic comes to an end, we shall make sure to function our restaurant in the most efficient way possible to avoid wastage and to get optimal results.”

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