Restaurants Bet Big on Delivery during coronavirus, Sees 100% jump in Orders
Restaurants Bet Big on Delivery during coronavirus, Sees 100% jump in Orders

With coronavirus spreading across the country and restaurants shutting their stores, getting lower dine-in options, food delivery is the way forward for these brands. As people are heading towards a situation of lockdown throughout the country due to coronavirus, the restaurant delivery sector is something which is least affected through it as everyone still has to eat — even if they do not leave their house. And, hence they are trying their hands on delivery and take away orders.

Delivery is a Hit

We have seen a significant difference with the number of walk ins. And in the last 2 weeks there is 20% rise on the delivery orders,” shared Kasinn Khaowprasert, Director, Krua Thai- Restaurant in Gurgaon that is maintaining the utmost cleanliness standards and safe conditions for your food preparation. With people increasingly choosing to stay at home and avoiding going out in times of the unprecedented breakout of Corona Virus, food deliveries for us, at KRUA THAI, are seeing an upward trend with the discerning customer choosing to order from restaurants meeting hygiene standards.

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“The brand has observed an increase in deliveries and aims to be open to all its customers providing them with the best quality of its product without hampering the service. Bread being an essential commodity, we are actually seeing an uptake in sales from our own outlets,” added Sneh Jain - Managing Director and Co-founder The Baker's Dozen that has witnessed almost 100% of increase in the delivery sales (twice of what it was earlier).

While, there are certain closures of restaurants across the country, few restaurants are also cashing in on delivery as a sector to explore at this point in time. "During this difficult time, we are ensuring the utmost safety and cleanliness at every given point. It is understandable to witness the evidently less footfall at the restaurant due to the fear of getting affected by dining in. This situation has slightly increased the percentage of deliveries and takeaways by 2%." says Rahul Bajaj, Director, and Conceptualizer at Out Of The Blue. 

Commenting on the same, Gaurav Pandey, Restaurant General Manager, Sanadige Delhi pointed, “The footfalls have drastically come down. The results unfolding due to coronavirus scare are rapid and unforeseen. We are huddling to find new ways to salvage the situation. The immediate way forward is to reach out through food delivery to our patrons.”

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Also, delivery and cloud-kitchen brands have seen rise in their order because more and more people are working at home and placing more via online deliveries and restaurants. “As people are choosing to self quarantine and stay home in Delhi, we have a seen a rise in home delivery order levels at sassy begum,” said Sahil Hassan, co founder Sassy Begum (delivery kitchens in Delhi & Gurgaon) where the team is taking all precautionary measures to ensure the highest health and safety standards at this time.

Commenting on the same Karann Talwar, Managing Director and the Gastronome Chef, Kitchen Kraft Luxury Catering, New Delhi  shared, “The best part is that the restaurants and food delivery companies are issuing advisories to their customers and informing them about all these pre-emptive measures leading to the onset of trust and thus, increase in restaurant deliveries.”  

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