Restaurants in fast food industry are required to upgrade with time: Narayan T.Poojari
Restaurants in fast food industry are required to upgrade with time: Narayan T.Poojari

Stirring familiarisation with Indian adaptations, food outlets in India are going all out to revamp their decor, menus and seating under an improvisation-forward march. In an exclusive with Zarafshan Shiraz, Narayan T.Poojari, MD, Shiv Sagar Restaurants, shares the effect on his customers post upgrading.

What is the current customer preference in the market?
Today’s customer is wise and demanding. He knows what he wants and what to expect. It is the same customer who while visiting a restaurant for masses, expects value for money kind of food and when visiting fine dine restaurant, expects service and hospitality with good food.

What is your average ticket size?
Our average ticket size is between Rs. 150-200/-

Why do you think rebranding is a growth driver?
Restaurants in the fast food industry are required to be upgraded with time. Rebranding helps in maintaining constant connect with your customers. It helps in increasing the market share where you are strong.

What effect did it have on your footfall and sales (%growth)?
We have witnessed 15-20% growth post recent improvisations.

What recent improvisations have you brought in?
Store size- We have increased it from 1200 sq.f.t to 1800 sq.f.t in order to accommodate more seats.

Design: As our customers range from families to corporates, restaurants are designed with elements that soothe both - from comfortable chairs/sofas to long tables, ambient light, and modern interiors.

Menu customisation: Menu engineering is done constantly keeping pace with time. Dishes are added/removed as per the liking of customers.

Did the connection with the customers become loose after these improvisations?
Customers have always showered their love on us. We have seen growth with every new restaurant that we open.

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