Saurabh Luthra Led Romeo Lane to launch 30 more outlets; Venture into Boutique Hotels
Saurabh Luthra Led Romeo Lane to launch 30 more outlets; Venture into Boutique Hotels

In the bustling restaurant sector of India, Romeo Lane has been garnering attention with its unique expansion strategy. Saurabh Luthra, founder chairman, Romeo Lane, Birch By Romeo Lane, is all set to expand across segments this year. Luthra's ventures cater to the modern diner seeking a blend of organic offerings and global cuisine. In this exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Luthra shares insights into what makes Romeo Lane a standout experience, the strategic expansion into tier 2 cities, and future plans that promise to redefine dining and hospitality.

The restaurant chain currently has 10 branches established and plans to expand into 30 more cities in India and internationally. “Romeo Lane offers a distinctive experience with its organic cocktails, global cuisine, and seamless transition from a day dining spot to a vibrant nightlife destination. It caters to guests looking for both a culinary adventure and an exciting evening out,” Luthra started with discussing about the USP of the brand. 

Currently, Romeo Lane's expansion strategy focuses on tier 2 cities due to several key catalysts. These cities often have growing economies, a burgeoning middle class with increasing disposable income, and a growing appetite for unique dining experiences. Additionally, Luthra feels that competition may be less intense compared to tier 1 cities, allowing Romeo Lane to establish a stronger foothold in these markets more quickly.

“As for consumer trends, we're observing a heightened demand for organic and sustainable offerings, an increasing preference for global cuisine, and a desire for versatile dining experiences that seamlessly transition from day to night. Additionally, there's a growing interest in experiential dining, where customers seek not only great food and drinks but also a memorable atmosphere and ambiance,” Luthra informed.

While all the outlets contribute positively to the brand, Birch Goa and Romeo Lane Goa stand out as the highest performers. “Their exceptional performance can be attributed to the influx of tourists, drawn to the vibrant atmosphere and unique offerings in Goa, which remains a favorite vacation destination in India. We are proud of the success of these outlets and continue to strive for excellence across all our locations,” he shared.

Moving ahead, Romeo Lane’s expansion plans are ambitious yet strategic. The chain aim to continue growing its presence in both domestic and international markets, focusing on tier 2 cities with growing economies and a demand for unique dining experiences. Alongside restaurant and bar expansions, the restaurant company is now venturing into the hospitality sector with boutique resorts that combines exceptional dining with luxurious accommodations. 

“Our entry into hotels marks an exciting new chapter for Romeo Lane. With the opening of Romeo Lane, the boutique resort in Goa, we've ventured into providing not just culinary delights but also unforgettable stays for our guests. The success of our first venture has inspired us to expand further, with plans underway to open another boutique resort in the picturesque hill station of Mussoorie. Our goal is to create immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression on our guests, whether they're dining with us or staying at our resorts,” Luthra commented.

On the topic of launching new brands, Luthra confirms they're always exploring new concepts. "We're finalizing a new brand concept that will offer a fresh and exciting experience. We're excited about this next venture and look forward to sharing more soon," he hints.

In terms of making the outlets profitable, the company’s success lies in a combination of factors. Luthra emphasised on prioritizing high-quality cuisine and beverages that appeal to the target demographic. “We also focus on creating unique and memorable dining experiences, whether it's through our innovative menus, inviting ambiance, or exceptional service,” he further shared. Additionally, strategic location selection, efficient operations management, and effective marketing play pivotal roles in ensuring the profitability of the outlets. “By consistently delivering on these fronts, we're able to cultivate a loyal customer base and drive sustainable growth in the competitive restaurant business landscape,” he concluded.

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