Serving Simple Things The Best Way
Serving Simple Things The Best Way

How do you see things changing in restaurant business in last few years?

Though, I was not from hospitality industry one thing that I have noticed over the period of six years since I started the first Carnatic Cafe that there should be certain amount of flexibility amongst the service staffs and kitchen staffs. There will be a demand, request which you never thought and are not part of the rule books. Certain things are completely surprise. At that point in time, I think the staff should manage a request where you can’t say no and accept it. These are small things which makes customer feel special and better. The staff should be empowered enough that he doesn’t need to ask his manager or owner delighting the customer.

How did food happen?

I was studying industrial design and the food that I got was not south Indian regional cuisine. Either it was udupi style or Tamilian style or at the most the Kerala style. There was something that I always missed. The sub regional cuisine was missing as a part of South Indian Category. I was always a great cook and it is very important to serve the food which you yourself feel eating again and again. That’s how I came with this idea of starting my restaurant without an idea of expanding the business. I tried to stick to the best. Even if I make five things; those five things should be the best on table.

What are the things you keep in mind while designing the restaurant menu?

I am not in favour of big menus; I like short menus. I like to concept a recipe which is more of a classic where guest would like to eat the same thing again and again. And, you really need to give your honest shout to the recipe. I need to focus on simple things that can create the magic.

What is your plan expanding Carnatic cafe to other parts?

I take step by step to expand my business. I have opened another outlet at GK. I believe in being at the moment because else you tend to lose focus. My focus is to build and train talent at the time. 

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