Social media has done wonders for London cafe- Shweta Singh
Social media has done wonders for London cafe- Shweta Singh

The London Cafe offers international themes with interesting flavours and the freshest of local ingredients. One of the trendier places in town, which caused quite a stir when it first opened, this is a large but super-stylish and comfortable space in Noida. Talking to Restaurant India, Singh shares about creating a quirky place at the heart of Noida.

How was the investment managed for the restaurant?

The restaurant is opened by both of us. We both have studied in London and while studying there we have worked and saved some money. With that same money we opened this restaurant.

What are the cuisines served at your restaurants?

We serve Continental, Italian, Lebanese, Mexican and hint of Indian also.

How is your restaurant different from others?

That is something that any customer can judge, once he enter the restaurant. The ambience is very different. It is more of seven star lounge concepts which we have brought in. It is a concept which people are not much aware of.

What are the design elements you kept in mind while designing the restaurants?

The interiors are made of European and Turkish style. It is a mixture of continental type of a look in terms of ambience of the cafe. It also includes beautiful chandelier, centre pieces are more of Turkish style. It is inspired from the artistic nature of London, blue art Panarsh of English culture. And everything around is very colourful.

How do you do the pricing?

The quality of cheese, cream and food we are utilising in all the products, are imported (90 per cent from outside like Italy, Spain and Turkeys). Hence, the costing turns out to be at a higher level but still we don’t make it high profits from that. And, right now our costing is very minimal. But, we are thinking to increase the prices.

Who are your target customers?

We are only focusing at the sophisticated customers i.e. the corporate and young people who want good food and price is not a problem for them.

How much importance do you give in looking for good quality ingredients?

In food the first thing is the presentation and then is the taste. So, adding good quality product is very essential as without it the food cannot be tasty. We only add spices for colouring. Thus, presentation is important for taste.

What role has social media played for London cafe?

Social media has done wonders for London cafe especially Facebook. Till now, we didn’t do any kind of print marketing. It is all through the social media.  

What is your expansion plan?

We are planning few outlets in Noida and Greater Noida by next year. And for Delhi, we are looking at Khan Market and Saket but it will take some time.

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