World Rum Day: Market, Trends & Growth
The south and west of India account for more than 55% of the country's rum consumption, mostly of dark rum.
Restaurant Brands Unveils Valentine's Day Delights
As Valentine's Day draws near, these restaurant chains excel in creating an exceptional experience for the occasion. Whether you're…
"Non-alcoholic Bev Crafted with Complexity and Creativity are on the Rise"
In an exclusive interaction with Restaurant India, Karan Khilnani of Pune's popular Elephant & Co talks about new trends, beverages and…
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Beyond Sweetness: Embracing Sugar-Free Libation in the World of Fine Spirits
As health-conscious consumers gravitate towards sugar-free drinks, a host of benefits comes to light. This movement isn't merely about…
Explore Upcoming Events And New Age Agendas
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The Distinctive Divide: Tonic Water vs. Soda
As we move forward, the trend towards healthier options will likely shape the landscape of both tonic water and soda, encouraging the consumption of…
Top Marketing Strategies to Successfully Promote a Gin Brand
Social media is also a tool to excite our consumers into our world and directly engage with our core community that helps to bring them closer to the…
"We Focused on What Not to Do," Suman Bharti of Reflex
We did lots of research on what not to do before getting settled for anything. It was one and half year long research to start this dream project.…
"Consistent Product Innovation, Authentic Flavour is Our USP," Natasha Fagri, Frost Popsicles
In an exclusive interview to Restaurant India, Natasha Fagri of Frost Popsicles talks about her plan to grow and expand the business in Indian market.
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Alco-Bev Start-ups and Their Potential to Grow Globally
The market for alcoholic beverages is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.98 per cent to reach USD 52.5 billion in revenue during the forecast period…
How New Age Drinks have Changed the Beverage Biz
This has pushed our imagination as an industry and we see a lot more brands popping up and the ecosystem that will help them thrive largely the new…
Brewing Success: This bar wants to introduce a craft beer revolution to the country
Known for its dog-friendly space, this one is going to be no different. Paw-parents are welcome with their dogs and the bar-crew at BrewDog will make…
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Quenching thirst: 5 beverages trend to watch out in 2022
According to a latest report by CEIC, Food and Non Alcoholic Beverage Change was reported at 5.584 % in Jan 2022.
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How Tonic water is popularising in beverage segment
Even though the white spirits consumption (including for gin) in India is less than 5% of the total alcohol market, India is still the 5th largest…
Spirit of Mixing: This Tonic water brand has grown 15% m-o-m in just few months of launch
In an interview with Restaurant India, Lavanya Anand & Anant Jangwal, founders of PEER Tonic Water talk about starting a tonic water brand.
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Top learnings for beverage brands from pandemic
Brands must over-invest in product and packaging because they are the biggest drivers of adoption and referral.
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At home party trend fueling the demand for cocktail mixers in India
This was a clear indicator of a trend, of a new age drinker with a more evolved palate, thirsty for more interesting options to top up his spirit, and hence an opportunity for products that enhance the home drinking occasion.
Turning hobby into business: How this entrepreneur created India's first cider brand
In an interaction with Restaurant India, Siddharth Sheth, CEO and Founder of Trillium Beverages which produces Thirsty Fox Cider in India talks about introducing India's first craft cider brand.
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Raising a Toast: This Home grown 'Gin' brand is all things natural, local
In an interaction with Restaurant India, Sakshi Saigal one of the Co-Founders at Stranger and Sons gin celebrates the agricultural might, entrepreneurial spirit and diverse cultures of India.
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Why Indian consumer is welcoming non-alcoholic beverages trend
As per a recent survey conducted, 81 percent of the Indian consumers stated that they are bored of Cola drinks and are open to new options.
How This Gin-Brand is making it to the globe during the pandemic
Talking to Restaurant India, Anand Virmani of Nao Spirits shares about their expansion plans and growth story.
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The Industry Should Focus on Wine Education, Says Sonal Holland
Master of Wine Sonal Holland stresses on the importance of formal wine education for Food and Beverage professionals through forums such as WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust).
What India's First French Sommelier Has to Say about the Potential of Wine Business
Talking to Restaurant India, French Sommelier, Magandeep Singh shares the importance of educating the masses about the quality of local spirits available in the market.
Why India Could be the Next Big Market for Whisky Lovers
Jeff Arnett, Master Distiller at world number one whisky brand Jack Daniel's is bringing that joy of journey to the Indian consumers.
How are you pairing your food with alcohol
Over the years, alcohol has come up as a major companion to food all credits to the ever evolving Indian palates which is undergoing a change.
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