Food Tech: How this sector accelerating food transformation
A recent ING report proves that consumers expect to see healthier food on the store shelves in the future. 43% of respondents are looking for healthy…
Technology v/s Real-estate: Why internet restaurants are future
The Indian food service delivery market is expected to more than double to $13 billion (Rs 93,600 crore) by fiscal 2023 from $5.2 billion (Rs 37,440…
  • By - Nusra
  • / 4 MIN READ
Touch me not: Swiggy, Zomato, others to deliver your food 'contactless' as Coronavirus fear looms large
They also announced that the consumer will now have the option of choosing to ask the delivery partner to leave the food at their doorstep.
  • By - Nusra
  • / 7 MIN READ
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